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How to change Hotstar password? In 6 simple steps

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One of the most prominent streaming services in India currently, Hotstar has an extensive content catalogue, which includes tv shows, movies, and live sports and news streams. However, the streaming service isn’t devoid of issues, some of which are very prominent.

We researched a bit and found out that scores of websites and videos on YouTube are offering free Hotstar Premium cookies as well as free Hotstar Premium account and passwords. These credentials are more than often stolen from the user, and if you’re facing trouble while trying to play a video, you should strongly consider changing your password as it might be posted on some forum and being used by many others, apart from you.

The most common error shown by Hotstar reads, “Sorry, more than one premium video is being requested from this account. Please close other videos and try again.”

Since users can’t check which devices are using Premium account or sign out from all devices — security features offered by Hotstar competitors to grant users control over their account’s security — the only option you’re left with is to change your password.

Note: At the time of writing, Hotstar only allows one concurrent stream per account. So the error message mentioned above is also shown if you haven’t closed a video you might’ve been watching on some other device that you use for streaming. Other than that, also close the Hotstar app on all of your devices to ensure that you’re not the cause of this error. If the problem persists, you should change your account password.

If you still do not wish to change your password, you can also email Hotstar at the company can clear the session from the back-end, which should resolve the error.

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How to change Hotstar password?

Login to your Hotstar account or open the app and follow the steps mentioned below to change your Hotstar account password on PC, Android and iOS apps.


Before you begin, you should know that changing the password will log out you out of all devices and you’ll need to log back into them individually with the new password once changed.

Step 1: Hover over the profile picture icon at the top right of the page (besides Search). and From the dropdown menu click on My Account.

How to change Hotstar password? A guide with 6 simple steps

Step 2: On the next page, click on Change Password.

Step 3: A pop-up notification box will appear suggesting you Check your email. Click on the Ok, Got It button and open your email account registered with Hotstar. (This will differ if you registered via a phone number. If you registered via Facebook, head over to the email account you use to login to Facebook).

Step 4: Click on the Change Password button in the email titled A link to change your password. Note that this link expires 24 hours after the email is sent, so complete the process as soon as possible.

Step 5: You’ll be redirected to a Change Password page. Type the New Password and then retype it under Confirm New Password. Then click on the Update button.

Step 6: Click on Launch Disney+ Hotstar button to return to the login page.

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Android and iOS

Open Hotstar on your Android or iOS device and follow the steps mentioned below to change your Hotstar account password.

Android guide
  • Tap on the menu button located to the left of the Hotstar logo on the top of the app.
  • Now tap on My Account, located at the top of the menu.
  • On the next page, tap on Change Password
  • You’ll be shown a notification at the bottom, which states that Hotstar has sent an email with a link to change your password to the registered email address. (This will differ if you registered via a phone number. If you registered via Facebook, head over to the email account you use to login to Facebook).
  • Once you receive the email, click on Change Password and follow the on-screen instructions (refer to the PC guide above for details).
  • The emailed link will expire in 24 hours. As mentioned above, once you’ve changed the password, you’ll need to login to your Hotstar account on all devices again with the new password.
iOS guide

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