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How to change the language in Google Docs?

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Google Docs has emerged as one of the primary competitors of Microsoft Word in the writing tools landscape, especially as the world is moving online and cloud storage is becoming the new norm. While several other names are doing well in the same business, Google Docs is one of the most convenient writing apps as you can access your documents online from any device.

Any app online is most useful in your preferred language, and in this article, we will tell you how to change the language in Google Docs on PC and smartphone apps.

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How to change the language in Google Docs on PC?

Open the Google Doc file you want to edit and follow the below steps to change the language.

Step 1: Click on the File option on the top left corner of the toolbar.

How to change the language in Google Docs? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, click on Language, which will display a list of supported languages on Google Docs. Select the preferred language from the list.

Step 3: To ensure that the language has been changed, click on the keyboard icon (input options) towards the top-right corner of the toolbar (refer to the screenshot below). Depending on your language selection, you will see two options, one of which allows you to use your PC’s keyboard or provide a virtual keyboard.

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How to change the language in Google Docs phone app?

Unlike Google Docs for PC, you will have to dabble with your phone’s keyboard settings to change the language in the Google Docs app. Below, we have mentioned two methods to help you change the language in the Google Docs app for Android and iOS.

Method 1: Changing keyboard language 

  • Click on the arrow button on the top left corner of your keyboard.
  • Then click the Settings (gear) icon after clicking the arrow button.
  • Click on the Languages button.
  • On the next page, click on the Add Keyboard.
  • Then, select your preferred language on the next page.

You can change your keyboard language anytime from the added keyboards.

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Method 2: Translating language in Gboard

  • Click on the arrow icon on the top left corner of your keyboard.
  • Then click on the translate icon (refer to the second screenshot from the left above) after clicking on the arrow button.
  • Then a list of languages will appear; select your preferred one.
  • Once you start typing, the content will appear in the chosen language.    

The guides mentioned above for the Google Docs app have been created using Gboard (Google keyboard). Some steps may vary slightly if you use some other keyboard on your device. 

To change the language on the Google Docs app on iOS — similar to the first method for Android — go to your Keyboard settings and add a new keyboard language.

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Why change language in Google Docs?

Generate documents in different languages to meet the needs of diverse audiences or for projects requiring multiple languages. Effortlessly switch between languages within the same document, ensuring precise spelling, grammar, and formatting for each language.

Changing the language on Google Docs is simple, allowing you to choose from over 100 languages available across various Google apps. This feature is handy for translating documents into different languages. Additionally, you can change your typing language in Google Docs.

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