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How to change your name in PUBG?

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PUBG aka PlayerUnknown’s BattleUnderground is a first-person shooter game where the player’s fight for survival and the winner, in the end, gets the famous chicken dinner. If you are a PUBG lover, then you must have wondered how to change the name on this platform. We are here to solve this problem.

In this article, we’re going to tell you how to change your name in PUBG and get a rename card in the game.

Changing name in PUBG

You can change the name in PUBG via the rename card. Here are the steps to use the rename card to change your name on PUBG:

Step 1: Open PUBG and then tap on Inventory at the bottom of the screen.Step 2: Here, tap on the Crate icon at the bottom and then select the Rename Card from the list of your inventories.

Step 3: Enter your new name and then tap OK. Remember, you can use the rename card only once per day. You will have to wait for one day before renaming again and for that will have to use another name card.

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How to get a rename card in PUBG?

Here we’ve listed three ways using which you can get a rename card in PUBG.

Buy the rename card in PUBG

Like all other games, PUBG has many buying options where you can spend money on various tweaks, including the rename card. To buy the rename card, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the game and then tap on Shop option on the right.Step 2: Next, select the Treasure option.Step 3: You will see the Rename Card in the Crates menu here along with the price. Check the screenshot below to get an idea. Tap on the card and then follow the steps for buying. You will have to spend 180 BP for buying the card.

Once you have bought the card, you can now use the rename card from the Inventory as we have already explained above.

Update PUBG to get the rename card

You can also try updating the game as that might get you the rename card. Upgrade the game to version 0.4, if you are currently on a lower version of the game. After you receive the Rename card, use it to change your name on PUBG.

Complete the levels

Moving up the levels will fill up your inventory with tons of cool weapons and skins with a rename card alongside. Complete the missions until you reach Level 10. After reaching Level 10, claim the game rewards, and you will get the rename card.

Here’s hoping one of the four methods listed above gets you the rename card and helps you change your name on PUBG. Game on!

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