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How to change the primary account in PhonePe?

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A UPI-based digital payments app, Phonepe, is widely used to transfer money from our bank accounts to our friends and family. Alternatively, we can also make payments to the business and online merchant partners for their goods and services.

If you have a single bank account linked in your Phonepe, that specific account will be set as primary by default. Hence, all the payments you send or receive list under this account. You can, however, change the primary bank account in Phonepe.

Phonepe also allows you to have multiple accounts for further uses. Even when you add more bank accounts, the first account is set as the primary account by Phonepe.

When making payments to another user or any external vendor, the primary bank account in Phonepe will select by default. Nonetheless, you can pick another account as well for making the transfer. But you can receive the payment in your primary bank account only.

So to change the primary bank account on Phonepe in just a few steps, check the steps below and enjoy the online payments.

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PhonePe primary bank account

A primary account is a default account for all your transactions. So whenever you make a payment or receive any money in Phonepe at any given time, it will reflect in the transaction history for your primary account. If you’ve multiple accounts added on Phonepe, you can select any one of them as a primary account as per your preference.

How to check the primary account in PhonePe?

To check the existing primary account on Phonepe, you can use the steps provided below.

  • Open the Phonepe application and click on the Profile icon.
  • Under the Payment Methods section, you will get the list of all the bank accounts linked to Phonepe. One of the accounts is marked as Primary on the Profile screen.
  • On opening the bank account, there is a green tick showing that the account is Primary on the Phonepe for you.

How to change the primary bank account in PhonePe?

Changing a primary account in Phonepe is relatively easy. When you have more than one accounts linked in Phonepe, you can select any of them as primary by following the steps mentioned here.

  • In the Phonepe app, click on the Profile icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the View All Payment Methods option within the Payment Methods sections.
  • Bank accounts added on your Phonepe will list under the Bank Accounts heading. Scroll towards the right and choose the account you want to mark as primary.
  • Account details will list on the screen. Choose the Set as primary radio button to set the account as primary. The chosen account should not be an existing primary.
  • Clicking on the Confirm button.
  • After providing the confirmation, the Set as primary radio button field will highlight as a green tick.

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