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How to change the Status in Jira?

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In Jira, a project is a collection of issues distributed across multiple workflows and sprint cycles. These issues cover the underlying tasks of a project. Users update the status of the issues to make progress in a Jira project. We have different issue types defined in Jira like Story, Task, Epic, Tests, Bugs, Defects and more.

When working in Jira, the users move tickets across different statuses to track their progress in real-time. Therefore, changing the status of issues is a viable step for relative updates of the tasks accomplished by the team.

Based on the configurations of the project and the stakeholders’ requirements, the definitions for the status field values may vary. As per the requirements, users map the progress of the issues in the workflow by altering the issues’ status.

By default, Jira offers only three statuses — To-Do, In Progress and Done. Only a Project Admin can add more columns to define more tracking stages of the project.

Throughout this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to change the status of the issues in Jira. Users can modify the status of the issues in Jira with the steps mentioned below. There are many issue types available in Jira. However, the steps for navigation differ between the Scrum and Kanban boards.

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Change status in Jira’s Scrum board

Step 1: On your Scrum dashboard, click on the Issues link in the left navigation panel.

Step 2: A list of issues appears on the screen. Choose the issue from the list whose status you’d like to change.

Step 3: A Status option displays in the Right-navigation panel on top, updated with the current status value, e.g., To Do. Click on the Status option. A drop-down list will display the possible values for the field.

Step 4: Select the updated status value, e.g., In Progress for the issue.

Step 5: The updated value for the Status field will display on the screen.

Step 6: On the issue screen, click on the History button. You can see the updates of the status in the logs.

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Change status in Jira’s Kanban board

In a Kanban project, a workflow is a record of statuses to track the lifecycle of issues. Workflow is a visual representation of status columns to represent the stage of an issue at a certain point. The workflow helps monitor the transitions that an issue has to go through within the project throughout its lifecycle.

Step 1: In Kanban Project, choose the Kanban option. A dashboard with the issue details will display on the screen.

Step 2: Choose the issue whose status needs to be updated, e.g., from In Progress and drag it across the desired column to update the status, e.g., to Done.

Step 3: Once dropped in the column, the issue list will update across the columns.

Step 4: Click on the updated issue. Issue details will display on the screen. In issue details, the updated value for the status field will display in the right navigation panel at the top.

Step 5: Click on the History tab. The updates for the status field, i.e., from the old to the new value, will appear on the screen.

Likewise, one can update all the issues by following the above steps. All the updates will reflect in the History logs.

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