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How to change the time on a Amazfit watch?

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Watches have been around for centuries and now as the world is moving toward digitalisation, smartwatches are the new thing. But in their endeavour to make smartwatches more appealing, brands have made the simple task of changing the time more complicated.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to change the time on Amazfit watch.

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How to change the time on the amazefit watch?

Unlike most smartwatches (and analogue watches) where you can tweak the time from within the watch, Amazfit uses the paired phone’s system settings to determine the current time and displays that.

So, by extension, when you change the time on your paired phone the time settings on your watch will also be automatically changed.

Even if you forget to connect the watch with your mobile while changing the time, The watch will sync the time automatically whenever it’s connected.

To know how to change the time on a mobile phone follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below.

  • Open your smartphone’s Setting.
  • Then hover down and click on Additional Settings.
  • On the next window click on Date & time.
  • Now find Time from the list.
  • Then move the Hour and Minute dial Up or Down to change the time.

You can also change the Time format from 12hours to 24hours and visa-versa on your Amazfit watch.

In some of the Amazfit watches, the Time format can also be changed from the watch settings to do so Go to Watch > Settings > Watch Face & Time > Time Format to choose 12h or 24h or follow the phone.

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