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How to clear the cache on PS4?

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As amazing a console the PS4 is, it can have its issues from time to time. Now while Sony has done an excellent job with its interface in helping people resolve common issues straight from the console’s menu itself, sometimes you may have to go the extra mile.

If you don’t know what a cache is, it’s basically a storage space in a computer that saves temporary files for as long as they’re being used. Any corrupt files in your cache can cause seemingly random issues.

In case you’re running into performance issues, clearing out the cache can help your system get up to speed again. And this does apply to the PS4 as well. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can clear out the cache on your PS4.

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Clearing the PS4’s cache

The process is actually surprisingly easy. All you need to do is yank out a few cables and you’re good to go.

 Ensure your PS4 is turned off. If your console is in rest mode, the process won’t work and you might just end up corrupting it instead as Sony doesn’t recommend disconnecting the console from AC power while it’s in rest mode.

Here are the steps you need to follow. 

Step 1: Head over to the Power option in the utility menu.

How to clear the cache on PS4? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Select Power Options from the Power menu.

Step 3: Select Turn Off PS4 from the options available. 

Ensure that the power indicator on your PS4 stops blinking before proceeding.

Step 4: Remove the power cord from the PS4. It’s essential that you remove the power cord from the console itself and not the AC outlet as that would simply power cycle the console. You need to remove the power cable from the console itself.

Step 5: Wait for 30 seconds then plug the cable back. Your console’s cache should’ve been cleared now. 

Try starting it up and playing some games. You should see your system slowdowns fixed. 

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  • I did exactly that when I placed a new SSD in my Pro seven days ago. When you initialize clear cache on ps4, you’re essentially resetting it to the state it was in when you initially unboxed it. All of your preferences, themes, saved games, trophies, and other data will be lost. The ps4 will inform you of this before proceeding, allowing you to back out if necessary.

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