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What is com.lge.launcher?

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Android consists of hundreds of small processes running in the background keeping the entire operating system together. Perhaps the most important of all these services is the system launcher which lets the user interact with the device.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the com.lge.launcher, what it does and whether or not you should keep it on your phone. 

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What is com.lge.launcher?

Com.lge.launcher is the Android package file for the built-in launcher on LG smartphones. Android launchers are system applications that control and customise the user interface. Most manufacturers put their own launchers on top of the stock Android launcher to make their phones stand out in terms of software and customisation.

The Microsoft launcher is a good third-party option.

You can, of course, install other third-party launchers that can give you more features and better control over other aspects of your system, including the home screen, widgets, app drawer icons and more. Some launchers might even come with additional features such as shortcuts for system tools, among other things. 

Should you remove the com.lge.launcher?

While you can remove the default system launcher if you have root access to your device or using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), we don’t recommend doing so unless you already have an alternative launcher in place.

Even then, removing the default launcher can get you into a jam with errors like “launcher has stopped working”. Removing the default launcher means that the system will not be able to function correctly unless you replace it with another default launcher or it falls back to the stock Android launcher. 

Besides, if you don’t like the default launcher, you can always download a third-party launcher from the Play Store that matches your style and use it to customise your phone. 

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