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What is “”?

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As a Samsung user, you might have encountered a system package called

You may be wondering what it is, what it does and whether it is malware that can harm your device. In this article, we will answer all these questions in detail so that you have no doubts regarding this app.

What is “”? is a system package found only in Samsung mobile phones that run on Android 9 or later versions.

It is one of the major components of Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant that takes your commands and finishes the tasks on your phone.

Specifically, refers to the home screen of Bixby, where you can see the relevant information that you frequently need. It depends on user-to-user and is based on your preferences. Therefore, it is highly personalised.

Mostly, Samsung users may use Bixby to see the weather, news, calendar, updates, and more. Moreover, you can also add customisations to the Bixby home page, like changing the card orders or adding new cards. also supports various other features of Bixby, such as Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision. The former allows you to control your Samsung phone with your voice, while the latter helps you in scanning objects and then collects information about them.

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Do you need “”?

Samsung Bixby's capabilities to be expanded with third-party support

If you are in the habit of using Bixby regularly, then you need on your phone as it is an essential package for Bixby. Without, Bixby will not work properly and will crash occasionally.

However, if you don’t use Bixby or use another virtual assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa, then you don’t need on your Samsung mobile phone. You can uninstall the virtual assistant to free up some storage space. Uninstalling can also improve your phone’s performance.

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How to fix “” errors?

Sometimes, can show various errors on your device.

Here’s how to fix such errors:

  • Force stop Bixby: If you notice that Bixby is lagging or not working properly, you can force stop Bixby and then run it again.
  • Force restart your Samsung device: Press the down volume button and the power button until you see a Samsung logo on your screen. Now, release the buttons as soon as you see the logo. This will force-restart the Samsung phone.
  • Update Bixby: Sometimes, merely updating the app fixes the problems and errors. Head to the Samsung website and then update Bixby.
  • Clear Bixby cache and cookies: Corrupted cache files are one of the most important reasons for the non-functioning of the apps. So, head to Settings > Apps > Bixby > Storage > Clear storage and Clear cache.

Thus, is the package name of the Bixby home screen that allows various customisation and other information to be displayed. Without this package, Bixby will not work properly and will likely crash.

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