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What is Com Samsung Android Incallui? Everything you need to know

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We’ve all experienced the frustration of a slow website or an app that takes forever to load. But how much do we really know about the inner workings of the internet? Most of us interact with the internet through a series of user interfaces: web browsers, apps, and other programs. These interfaces provide a human-friendly way to interact with the complex systems that make up the internet.

The User Interface (UI) is how users interact with a product or system. It includes the design of the website, mobile app, or another platform where users interact with the product and the text, images, and other elements that help communicate the brand and interactivity of the product. User interface design is often a major part of the product design process and can include everything from designing how a page is laid out to writing text that explains how a product works and how to use it. UI designers also often decide which text to use and when or choose which images or videos to include.

In this article, we will discuss what is Com.Samsung.Android.Incallui.

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Com Samsung Andoid Incallui

Com Samsung Android Incallui is Samsung Android in-call user interface. The disconnect call button, speakerphone button, mute button, hold button, contacts button, amongst others, is a part of the UI of a call. The contains the UI of the call screen in any Samsung smartphone, which runs with an Android OS. Every smartphone running an Android OS will contain a package file of the name

The is the interface between the backend machine and the phone’s call screen. The call UI or the is the add-on layover for the Android platform, which was launched under OneUI by Samsung in 2018.

Uses of

Incallui performs multiple essential tasks, but technically looking at them, it doesn’t seem as much.

What is Com Samsung Android Incallui? Everything you need to know

Some uses and features of the are:

  • Disconnecting the call
  • Recording the call
  • Putting the call on hold
  • Muting the call
  • Adding people to the call for a conference call
  • Saving numbers using the in-built notes on the call
  • Receiving other call requests
  • Disabling the screen such that the face or ear doesn’t toggle to any other application/function on the phone in the background
  • Using other features of the phone, by using the home button.
  • Changing the input/output mode
  • Changing the volume level
  • Internally records the call time
  • Keeping a log of calls
  • Call incoming as a pop-up on the screen when watching videos or gaming

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More about

The incallui app isn’t seen in the App Drawer, hence many people think that it is used for cheating, but that is not the case. The incallui is a very essential bridge between the Android OS and you. The phone’s OS doesn’t even understand the meaning of ‘hang up’, and without incallui, it would be impossible to connect and disconnect calls.

There is also a misconception about incallui spy, which is apparently spyware for spying on people and their data. To begin with, there is nothing called an incallui spy that is available. The incallui is not bloatware, virus or any type of spyware. It is just a UI for the phone’s calling application.

The incallui runs in the background at all times, so it does drain the battery and consume resources, but only to a minimum extent. The phone’s battery will drain faster only if the phone is being used excessively to make and receive calls because the incallui app starts consuming the CPU and RAM.

Users sometimes complain about the “Unfortunately incallui has stopped” error. This error occurs because the incallui system app cache hasn’t been cleared in a long time. Due to this, the cache data becomes corrupted and causes the application to crash and misbehave.

Following is the method to access the and clear cache.

  • Open settings
  • Select the Apps option
  • Click on the hamburger option on the right corner above the All tab
  • Select the Show system apps
  • Search for and open it.
  • Clear cache

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