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How to copy all subreddit subscriptions to a new Reddit account?

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Community forums like Reddit are where one can find news, ideas and opinions from all across the world. Any form of media, be it a meme or polarising news pieces that gains traction often ends up on Reddit’s user-created communities known as subreddits.

Subreddits help organise information posted to the platform according to the genre. Users can then view the content of their liking by subscribing to ones that they find interesting.

If you use Reddit frequently and want to change your username, unfortunately, Reddit does not allow that. Hence the only method to have a new identifier on the forum is to create a new account.

Thus, in this article, we list the steps you need to follow to copy all your subreddit subscriptions from one account to another.

Also, if you feel there is a subreddit missing on the platform that can add value, you can also create one. Here are some facts you need to be aware of before you attempt making one.

  • Once created, users cannot modify the name or delete a subreddit.
  • To create a subreddit, a Reddit account should be a minimum of 30 days old.
  • Creating a subreddit requires users to have a certain amount of Karma — unspecified by the company.

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How to copy Subreddits?

Visit Reddit through your browser of choice and follow the steps listed below.

If you have not made up your mind on which browser to use as your default, make sure to read this article by Yadullah, which compares popular options, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Login to your existing Reddit account and visit /subreddits/mine — this will take you to the old Reddit website.

How to copy all subreddit subscriptions to a new Reddit account?

Step 2: Find multireddit of your subscriptions in the sidebar on the right and copy the link address.

Step 3: Now, log in to your new account and paste the link in your browser’s search bar. In the sidebar, click all the join buttons.

Note: If you are still new to the ways of Reddit, make sure to read our Reddit-based articles to learn more about the social platform and its features.

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