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Bitcoin for Merchants: Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

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Bitcoin is still the most prominent cryptocurrency worldwide. Many accept it as a payment, while others consider it an investment. As its popularity and acceptance grow, more merchants are interested in accepting crypto payments. However, some are still determining whether taking Bitcoin payments is wise.

Why Merchants Accept Crypto Payments?

Many merchants accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments because it makes their enterprises competitive. Also, crypto payments open their businesses to more customers while lowering their payment processing charges.

Some conventional payment processors have declined high-risk merchants. For such entrepreneurs, accepting Bitcoin payments allows them to do business more freely without the restrictions of traditional payment processors. Here are more reasons for merchants to take Bitcoin payments.

Saving On Payment Processing Fees

Most payment processors charge between 3 and 4%, a significant expense for some merchants. It means a merchant pays $300 for every $10,000 they earn. Therefore, looking for ways to reduce this amount makes economic sense. Bitcoin transactions don’t involve such a high processing fee. Most crypto payment gateways require merchants to pay a fee of 1%.

Attracting More Customers

Accepting Bitcoin payment opens a business to international and new customers. Since Bitcoin is a borderless payment method, a merchant can transact internationally without incurring hefty international fees. Also, providing more payment options enables a merchant to attract more customers. Many customers prefer merchants that allow them to pay in various methods.

Eliminating Chargebacks and Disputes

Bitcoin somehow functions like cash since transactions are irreversible. A merchant that accepts Bitcoin has no reason to worry about hefty chargeback fees, usually $25. Also, they don’t have to deal with regular payment disputes. The digital public ledger provides details of all Bitcoin transactions. Thus, a merchant can deliver products or provide services after confirming their payment.

Accepting cryptocurrency payments has numerous benefits for modern merchants. However, merchants must have the necessary systems and infrastructures to ensure smooth and convenient operations.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

Accepting cryptocurrency payments involves a process similar to that of a credit card company. However, you must choose between taking cryptocurrency manually and using a payment processor.

Payment Processor

Using a payment processor is relatively simple because it involves registering with a company that does much of your work. For instance, PayPal or BitPay can allow you to accept Bitcoin payments. Sign up with the company by following the steps they provide.

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Manually

A merchant can also accept cryptocurrency payments manually by signing up with a crypto exchange like the That way, customers get a place to send Bitcoin payments. Once you’ve done that, add functionality to your business website, such as a QR code that lets customers send funds to your crypto exchange account. Finally, you will withdraw Bitcoins from your crypto exchange account by moving them to your digital wallet. Alternatively, you can convert the funds into fiat currency and move them to your bank account.

Bitcoin’s Future in the Business World

Bitcoin is still the most well-known and the most prominent digital currency. Many merchants are interested in this cryptocurrency due to its popularity and value. Some large corporations that accept Bitcoin include Microsoft, Wikipedia, and AT&T. More merchants are gearing towards this cryptocurrency because its transactions are flexible, fast, and global. Additionally, platforms that allow merchants to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat money and vice versa are increasing. Moreover, more people find Bitcoin transactions more affordable, convenient, and efficient. Thus, more merchants and customers will likely embrace Bitcoin payments as cryptocurrency awareness increases.

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