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How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word?

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Microsoft Word is a powerful tool that can help you in creating and formatting documents. Sometimes, unknowingly, we press Enter quite often which results in the formation of an extra blank page at the end of the document. This unwanted page can cause hassles and can mess with your presentation or assignment, especially if you are a perfectionist where work is concerned.

In this article, we discuss three ways in which you can delete that extra blank page in Word via three methods.

Method 1: Delete the blank page by removing paragraph marks

Paragraph marks are the symbols which show the ending of a paragraph. These are represented by the pilcrow (¶) symbol. Microsoft Word suffers from this problem of extra added paragraphs when you accidentally press the space bar. These spaces accumulate on the end of the document resulting in an unwanted blank page in Word.

To remove that unwanted page from the end of your Word document, just enable the pilcrow symbol and then remove it individually from the blank page.

Step 1: To turn on the paragraph mark, press Ctrl + Shift + 8 on the keyboard. Or, if you are using Word 365, press on the pilcrow button at the top bar. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea. As you can see from the screenshot above, each paragraph has this symbol at the end.

Step 2: Now, all you have to do is to scroll to the last page of your document and then delete this pilcrow symbol. A screenshot of the last page of my document is attached below. Notice that it is filled with the pilcrow symbol.

To delete the symbol, place your cursor to the very bottom of the page and then press backspace until there are no more pilcrow symbols at the bottom of your document, but one where your document ends. Or, highlight the pilcrow symbol and then press the Delete button on the keyboard.

After you have removed all the pilcrow symbols, you will notice that the blank page has been removed automatically and you will reach the end of your document. check out the screenshot where we have deleted all the spaces. Notice that we have reached the last paragraph of the document. Similarly, you can use this method to remove the blank page from the middle of your document too

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Method 2: Deleting blank page at the end of a table

Microsoft adds an extra paragraph just below the table. This paragraph cannot be deleted but you can change the size of the paragraph to fit it in the preceding page. Check out the screenshot below where there is a table at the end of the page and a new paragraph has been inserted by Word thereby inserting an unwanted blank page. To remove this blank page, follow the instruction given below.

  • Turn on the paragraph symbol by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8 and then select the paragraph at the end of the table.
  • When you select the paragraph mark, you will see a host of options beside it. In the Font Size section, write 1 (one). This will make the font size of the paragraph negligible thereby removing the blank page.

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Alternative: Via Margins

If that didn’t work for you, here is an alternate way to remove the blank page.

Step 1: Go to Layout > Margins > Custom Margins. Step 2: Make the bottom margin as small as the document allows. Here, we have set it to 1.27 cm. When you have set a small margin at the bottom, that undeletable paragraph on the last page will adjust at the bottom of the previous page and you will no longer have the blank page at the end. Here is what it’ll look like though. This method can be useful especially if you want to leave space at the end to leave remarks or make notes.

Change margin on Microsoft Word app

Following are the steps to edit the margins on your document on Microsoft Word app for Android.

  • Tap on the document to start editing. Tap on the upward-facing arrow located the extreme right of the toolbar above the keyboard to expand the toolbar.
  • Then tap on Home at the top-left of the toolbar.
  • From the dropdown menu, tap on Layout.
  • Then tap on Margins option.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap on Custom Margins…
  • Then scroll to the bottom and reduce the size of the Bottom margin.

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Method 3: Delete blank page by saving the document as PDF

The easiest way to delete a blank page on Microsoft Word is to save your document as a PDF. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on the File option at the top left corner of the screen.Step 2: Select Save as from the left sidebar.Step 3: After that, click on More options below the type of file selected.Step 4: Now, click on Options.Step 5: In the Page Range heading, select the Page(s) option and then select the page range by excluding the last blank page. For example, if you have a document of 11 pages and the last, that is the 11th page is blank. So, you can omit that 11th page and can select the range from 1 to 10. When you are done, click OK. By following the above steps, you can easily delete a blank page in Microsoft Word. Do tell us if this method worked for you. Also, comment below if you have a new method for the same.

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