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How to delete Dave account?

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The Dave app allows users to take a loan or advance on their paycheck to deal with emergency expenses like small hospital expenses and other expenses. Dave app also offers a spending account. It is also a checking account with no overdraft charge and no low-balance fees.

Dave app is a good app only for those who use it only for emergencies, not for those who spend more than they earn. To get a loan, the users have to make an ExtraCash account which starts at $0; the amount of loan that you take will be shown in the ExtraCash account, and when you transfer the amount to your checking account, then your ExtraCash account will show the amount in negative and when you will return it your ExtraCash account will come $0 again.

Dave app charges a $1 monthly subscription fee. It takes around two to three days to receive the amount, and to receive the funds within an hour, it charges express fees of $1..99 to $13.99.

If you don’t want to use the Dave app anymore, then in this article, we have discussed how to delete your Dave account in a few easy steps.

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Deleting Dave account

To delete Dave app account, follow these steps:

  • Open the Dave app and tap on the Account tab.
  • Under account settings, find the Dave Membership option and tap on it.
  • On the next screen tap on Manage Membership and then tap on the Manage membership option.
  • On the next screen select Pause Membership at the bottom of the page and then tap on the Cancel My Account option.

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