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This website helps you delete yourself from the internet in a jiffy

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Been excessively connected as of late on various social networking websites as well as subscribed to several others online, so much so that you want to get out?

Have you been aching to detach from the online world and your virtual life and try and get a normal one — like the old-school way?

Swedish-based website is the answer for those who’re hoping to wipe off their virtual element.

This site will let you join it via your Google account and consequently accumulates all information to your online records on different sites and encourages you to end connections that are no longer in use.

Do not worry; it doesn’t erase you from the web as soon as you sign in — wiping off your existence from the internet will be left in your own hands.

Deseat informs you about all the online websites/services you’re connected with and directs you if you wish to erase that connection.

This can be a little time-consuming process as you’ll be wiping off your existence one website at a time. You can even schedule the erasure of a record or more at a time.

The organisation views your privacy and security as extremely important and guarantees that they don’t access any of your login data as they utilise Google’s OAuth 2.0 protocol.

How to delete yourself from the Internet using Deseat?

  • Sign into the Deseat site via your Google account details.
  • The site will demonstrate an entire rundown of websites, apps and services that are linked to your Google account.
  • You’ve can either add a specific site to the Erase queue or add it to the My accounts sub-heading on your Deseat dashboard.
  • You can also list a linked service as Not a user, which will just remove that site from Deseat’s list of your records.

You won’t be able to erase each and every website using Deseat’s service as they’re still expanding their catalogue but a majority of them can be deleted using the website.

The lesser known applications/sites don’t get a delete link, however, in any event, Deseat informs you about every one of the sites that are linked to your email account. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others can be deleted via Deseat.

If you try deleting an account, Deseat shows the following message: Happy to help! Nice, you’ve decided to delete an account. You will now be redirected to’s delete page. You might have to sign in before that.

There was one specific thing that annoyed us — Deseat asked for consent to get access to the messages, messages and contacts of our Gmail account.

Nevertheless, you can simply disavow access to any web service from your Google account later on after you’re done using Deseat’s services.

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