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How to delete your Microsoft account?

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You can access all the services that Microsoft offers Microsoft Office, Skype, Hotmail, OneDrive, among others. This saves a lot of time and also facilitates cross-platform portability as well as access from anywhere. However, in case your account gets hacked, or you don’t need your account in future, you can always delete the account. In this article, we discuss how you can delete Microsoft account in a few easy steps.

Before you continue with the deletion, here are some points that you must remember.

  • Make sure you won’t be needing any of the Microsoft services with that account in the future. You can download all the data and can inform the people that you are closing this account.
  • Cancel any subscriptions from this account.
  • Set your devices with a different account so that you can use the apps without any problem.
  • Check the remaining balance in your account as it may be lost after you have deleted the account.

Now that you have understood the implications of deleting your Microsoft account let us now continue with the process.

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Delete Microsoft account

Here are the steps to delete Microsoft account from your device.

Step 1: Go to Microsoft’s account closure page and then sign in with your account. (Make sure that the account that you are signing in is the same one that you want to delete).Step 2: You will see a window displaying Make sure <account-name> is ready to close. Here, read all the instructions and then press Next.

Step 3: On this page, Microsoft has listed various scenarios that will occur after you have deleted your Microsoft account. You will have to tick mark each box after you have read the sentences. A tick mark is an acknowledgement that you have understood the implications of deleting your account. Step 4: On the same page, select the reason for deleting your account.Step 5: When you are done with the tick marks and reason, click on Mark your account for closure. Microsoft will mark your account for closure. The full closure will take around 60 days under which the account is fully recoverable. This means that in the 60 days following the above procedure, you can sign in with your same account and can forfeit the closure. Also read: How to delete your Strava account?

Remove a Microsoft account from your PC

If you want to remove Microsoft account from your device, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu and then select Settings.Step 2: In the Settings option, go to the Accounts tab.Step 3: Select Emails and accounts from the left sidebar.Step 4: Click on the account that you want to remove and then click on Manage. Now, follow the instructions that are mentioned above, heading to delete the account. Also read: How to set, edit and delete a Google alert?

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