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How to delete Nextdoor account?

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Nextdoor is where you can connect with the neighbours; it allows you to connect with people and find businesses near you which can help you get trusted information for something you want to get done.

If you recently moved to a new area and want to connect with new and see what useful businesses are around you in your neighbourhood, then Nextdoor can be a great help for you.

This article discusses how to delete the Nextdoor account through the Nextdoor customer support service.

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Deleting Nextdoor account through customer support

Nextdoor does not give a direct option to delete your account, so to delete your Nextdoor account, you have to submit a request to customer service and to do that, follow these steps:

Sign in to your Nextdoor account. On the next screen that appeared,

  • Select the My neighbour account option from the drop-down menu under I have a question about.
  • Select the Deleting my account option from the drop-down menu under Relating to.
  • Write “Request for account deletion” in the Subject box.
  • Write ” I want to delete my Nextdoor account” in the message box and then click on Submit button at the bottom.
How to delete Nextdoor account?

You will receive a mail on your registered email stating that they have received your request and will contact you soon.

Click here to contact Nextdoor support

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