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How to delete your Strava account?

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Strava is a free-to-use social fitness platform which primarily helps users track their running or cycling exercises, while also giving them a platform to share their fitness routines as well as routes with others on the platform, alongwith other nifty features. Besides its free offering, the company also offers a paid plan called Strava Summit, that can be used to train even better with assistance.

However, with an increase in tech made for fitness enthusiasts and athletes gaining momentum and traction worldwide, Strava faces stiff competition from a lot of other brands. If you’ve found something that suits your needs better than Strava, you might want to remove Strava to get rid of some clutter, as well as, get your data off from their servers if you’re not going to use the service.

Here is a simple guide to help you delete your Strava account in four easy steps. However, before you begin with the process, the following are a few things you should know.

  • Account data: Once you’ve deleted the Strava account, you will be removed from all the clubs, heatmaps, challenges and leaderboards. All the private data will be deleted permanently from Strava servers too.
  • Segments and Routes: While private segments and routes will be removed from the platform once your account is deleted, Strava will retain any public segments or routes created by you as the company holds a perpetual license to those. However, your original activity, as well as GPS data, won’t be linked to the retained segments anymore, and you won’t appear in its leaderboards either. While you can’t make a public segment private, you surely can delete a segment before getting rid of your account.
  • Clubs: Even after you delete your Strava account, any clubs you’ve created will remain on the platform. If you own a Club on Strava, it’s recommended to transfer the ownership before deleting your account as it won’t be automatically transferred to another member and the club will exist without an owner. A club without an owner cannot modify the admin list or create and approve requests if it’s an invite-only club.

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How to delete your Strava account?

You cannot delete your Strava account via the smartphone app. You’ll either need to login to the account via the website on a PC or with your phone’s browser set to desktop mode. Login to your Strava account on its website and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on your profile picture located at the top-right of the display. Then from the dropdown menu, click on Settings. Step 2: On the next page, click on My Account on the left sidebar menu and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Get Started button under Download or Delete Your Account.

Step 3: On the next page, you’ll find some information about deleting your account on point 1. The second point is where you can download the archive of your data before deleting your account by clicking on the Request your Archive button. Once your account is removed, the data cannot be downloaded or recovered. To continue with the deletion of your Strava account, check the box beside I downloaded or don’t want to download my data. Then click on the Request Account Deletion box.

Strava will then send an email to your linked email address where you will need to confirm the deletion of your account. If you logged in via Facebook, Strava would send an email to the address linked to your Facebook account.

Step 4: Once you receive the email, click on the Delete Your Account button to permanently delete your Strava account. According to the company, it may take up to 90 days to delete all your data from their systems.

As mentioned above, once you’ve deleted your Strava account, you won’t be able to recover it or any of the existing data, which will be deleted alongwith too.

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