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How to delete your Trello account?

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Trello is one of the best productivity tools you can use to manage your team. The tool offers a lot of customisation and lets leaders keep track of what their team is working on in a single glance.

However, if using the tool doesn’t quite work out for you, you can always delete your Trello account. Here’s how.

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Deleting Trello account

If you’ve signed up for Trello on your own, Trello would’ve made an Atlassian account for you before letting you sign up for the service itself. This means that to delete your Trello account, you’re first going to have to delete your Atlassian account.

Step 1: Head over to the Trello Accounts page, scroll down and click on Manage or delete your Atlassian Account.

How to delete your Trello account? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Now head over to the Account preferences tab. 

Step 3: Click on Delete account.

Step 4: You’ll be asked for a confirmation before you can proceed. Click on Delete account, and you’re good to go.

Doing so will delete your Atlassian account and, in the process, your Trello account as well. Keep in mind that you will also lose access to any other Atlassian account services you’re using.

If you are the only administrator of a board or team with multiple members, Trello will ask you to choose a new admin before deleting your account.  

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What data does Trello keep after you delete your account?

As stated by Trello, the company retains some personal data even after you’ve deleted your account. Some examples of this data include:

  • Financial information related to purchases and billing records.
  • Records showing the reason your account was deleted.
  • Any other data related to a legal inquiry or litigation. 

Keep in mind that any personal data you may have typed in as content inside cards, lists or boards will not be deleted when you delete your account. An admin or user with enough permission settings will have to delete that content manually.

This also extends to any third-party or custom apps that you may have used to add features to Trello. If said apps have stored any data from your account, Trello will not be able to delete that. 

Unless you’re the only member of a Business Class team, your subscription will not be cancelled when you delete your account. If you’re the only admin in a team of multiple members, you’ll be prompted to chose another admin before you can delete your account. From that point onwards, only the new admin can cancel the subscription. 

Also, keep in mind that the Trello team cannot delete an account on behalf of a user for security reasons. Any deletion requests need to originate from the account that is to be deleted itself. 

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