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How to delete a Yelp review?

How to delete a Yelp review? Via website and Yelp app

Yelp has been around for more a decade and a half and in that time has hosted 192 million reviews on local businesses like restaurants, hair stylists, tattoo artists, medical clinics, mechanics, home repair services, among several others. The service is free of cost for the businesses as well as end-users.

If you’re new to Yelp, or just can’t find your way around their app and website, here we’ve put together a simple guide to help you delete a review on Yelp. You can only delete reviews written by you for business listings on the platform. Business owners can’t delete reviews on their listings.

How to delete a Yelp review via the website?

There are two ways by which you can delete a Yelp review via the website on your PC or smartphone. So, you’ll find two Step 1’s below and can use either one of them — whichever one you find easier. The succeeding steps are the same.

Step 1 (via the business listing): Go to the business listing’s page, and look down below in its reviews for your review. You’ll find a Trash can icon near the bottom-right of your review, click on that and jump to Step 2.Step 1 (via your profile page): Alternatively, you can also go to your profile page and delete the review from there. Click on your profile picture on the top-right, and select About Me from the drop-down menu. Then click on Reviews from the sidebar on your profile. You’ll see a list of all your reviews, click on the Trash can icon on the bottom-right of the review you wish to delete. Step 2: A pop-up will appear, where Yelp will enquire why you’re removing the review. They do this to make sure that you haven’t been coerced by the business owner to do delete a Yelp review. Choose the option that fits your reason the best and then click on Remove Review. Also read: How to leave a Yelp review with photos?

How to delete a Yelp review via the iOS/Android app?

Log in to your Yelp app on iOS or Android and follow the steps below.

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