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Is disabling Windows services a good idea to speed up your computer?

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Many different Windows services like Service Host (svchost.exe) keep running in the background of your Windows computer and usually, they start running as soon as you boot it up.

If you have ever opened Task Manager, you will notice a dedicated tab for Windows ‘Services’ showing information about every service and the resources that each of them is consuming.

Sometimes, these Windows services use up a lot of Disk Space and CPU memory, which can make your computer slow and make the other tasks lag.

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What are Windows Services and why are they running on your computer?

Windows services is a core component of the Windows operating system and enable the creation and management of long-running processes. Most of these services are a part of the OS but even applications installed externally can add up to these services. They do not require any user permission to start or stop running.

They run from dynamic-link libraries (the files with .dll extension) and control numerous functions of the Windows operating system or the installed application.

The .dll files being non-executable, need to be compiled into executable applications and this is where Windows Services is created.

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Should you disable Windows Services to speed up your computer?

Is disabling Windows services a good idea to speed up your computer?

A decade and a half back, during the time of Windows XP, it was quite often suggested that you should stop or disable certain processes hogging up the relatively little memory that systems had back then, but the case isn’t the same anymore.

According to Microsoft, disabling any Windows services does not make a difference to your computer. The slow working of your computer may be due to an infected virus or malware. A malfunctioning app can also contribute to a PC working slow.

Disabling a service can lead to a number of system failures that you wouldn’t want. The audio can be bricked, or even core applications might stop working. Besides, Windows has an AI built into the OS, which controls the startup of different services and only triggers them if and when required.

Considering all things just mentioned, disabling a Windows service is not recommended as it might cause more trouble in the long run than reduce your immediate pain of a slow system.

If you wish to make your PC faster, you should think about upgrading its components, such as the RAM, storage, processor and even the fan. Heating in an electronic device is one of the major causes of lag.

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