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What does Idle mean in Discord?

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Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging application that has come into play recently. It allows its users to set statuses and profile pictures like almost every other social media/messaging application.

While the most used statuses are ‘Online’, ‘Invisible’, and ‘Do Not Disturb’, users also have an option as ‘Idle’ to set their status. Here we’ve discussed all the Discord status and what the idle status means.

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What do all the Discord status mean?

There are 5 statuses available for Discord users. They are all represented by different coloured dots and represent different activities.

  • Online: A green dot represents online, and anyone friends with the user on Discord can see this and know that the user is available.
  • Do Not Disturb: It is represented by a red dot with a black line inside. This is used when the user wants to stay logged in but not receive any notifications on the desktop or mobile. When this status is set, all the friends in the user’s list know that you aren’t available and will not receive any notifications.
  • Invisible or Offline: The third status option is the ‘Invisible/Offline’ status. In this mode, the user’s status will always show offline but allows the user to access every Discord feature — making the user invisible!
  • Streaming: When streaming on Discord, the status of the user turns into a purple dot. It would help if you had the streaming mode enabled.
  • Idle: A yellow dot/crescent moon represents the idle mode.

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Discord Idle Status explained

Just like all the other above-mentioned statuses, the idle status stands absolutely true to its meaning.

The Idle status in Discord means that the user has logged in and has the application open on their PC or mobile phones but is not using it actively. Idle mode is somewhere between being online and offline/invisible. The notifications aren’t turned off during idle mode.

Idle Status Representation

The idle mode can be set manually, but if the application is open on the PC and the user has been out for a certain time, the status is set to idle. This can be compared to the sleep mode, just with the difference that the application is still fully functional with notifications and access to features, just giving out an indication that the user may not reply as fast as they may be AFK.

How to set the Idle status manually?

To set the idle mode manually, the user must click on the profile picture, which opens a panel with options for statuses. Click on the Yellow symbol, the Idle option, to set the status to idle.

Setting the Idle Mode Manually

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