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Discord rolls out integration for PSN on PS5 and PS4

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Discord rolls out integration for PSN on PS5 and PS4

Playstation users can now connect their Playstation Network accounts to their Discord accounts and display the PS5 or PS4 game activity in the user profile.

The integration is currently only available to PS4 and PS5 users in USA but is expected to roll out to more countries soon. It’ll be available on every platform that Discord supports — Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and the web app.

Once the Discord and PSN accounts are connected, users can display their activity like the game they’re playing on PS4 or PS5 and even display PSN online ID on their Discord profile.

The feature is gradually rolling out to people in the USA and if you happen to be there, here’s how you can connect your Discord account to your PSN account on PS5 and PS4.

How to connect Discord to PSN?

Open Discord and go to User Settings; then select Connections. Now, in addition to the 10 other services, you’ll see a Playstation icon — click on it and wait for the authorisation window to pop up.

Login to your Playstation Network account on the pop-up window and it’ll get connected to Discord.

Now you can choose to display the Playstation Network account on your profile and as your status.

Once set up, your friends and community members will be able to see the game you’re currently playing on your Playstation console through your Discord profile.

Note: For your status to be visible on Discord, you’ll need to ensure that your PSN Online Status and Now Playing visibility is set to ‘Anyone’ in the PSN settings.

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