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How to Strikethrough text in Discord? Other Markdowns explained

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Discord offers various text formatting options, making it more effective to read and pass the message correctly. This is done using a Markdown, which is a markup language used to format simple text.

It is ideally a text-to-HTML conversion syntax for web designers. Designed in 2004, it is mostly used for formatting readme files, forum discussions, and in general to convert plain text into richer, better, and more readable text. Markdown makes formatting such as bold, italics, and many more much easier.

Markdown in Discord

Markdown in Discord allows formatting of text in the following ways:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough

While these formatting can be implemented separately, they can also be combined to form ‘bold underlined’, or ‘italicised bold’, or even ‘bold italicised strikethrough’.

In this article, we will be discussing strikethrough text in detail followed by a brief of the other markdown in Discord.

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How to Strikethrough text in Discord?

A Strikethrough is a horizontal line that is drawn through the centre of the text. It is a typographical presentation of text resulting such as ‘S̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶’. This is used to mark any mistaken text or text to be removed. Unlike censored texts where the text cannot be figured, in strikethrough, the text struck is still readable.

Markdown makes strikethrough text easy with just a simple syntax.

How to Strikethrough text in Discord? Other Markdowns explained
Syntax for strikethrough text

To strikethrough text in Discord, the user must use the tilde key (~) twice on either end of the text they want to strikethrough.

The tilde key can be found in the top left corner of the keyboard of any computer and the punctuation menu on any mobile phone.

Strikethrough mid-statement

In Discord, alongwith strikethrough, if the user wants to apply any other sort of formatting, too, it is straightforward and convenient to do so. Shown below are strikethrough and bold text.

Strikethrough with bolding text

When integrating two different formatting styles, the order in which it is written does not matter until the last opened is first closed.

Wrong Method

Since the last opened punctuation for formatting wasn’t first closed, the text did not get bold. The correct method is shown below.

Correct Method

Note: One tilde on either side will not result in a strikethrough. It is only possible with two tildes on either side of the text.

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Other Discord Markdown Syntax

Three other markdowns are used in combinations and individually in the table below.

Formatting StyleSyntax in DiscordExample
ItalicsA single asterisk (*) on either side of the text.*Italicise*
Bold A double asterisk (**) on either side of the text. **Bold Text**
Bold ItalicsItalics+Bold – Three asterisks (***) on either side of the text.***Italicised bold text***
UnderlineTwo underscores (__) on either side of the text. __Underlined__
Underline BoldUnderline+Bold – Two asterisk and two underscores (**__) on either side of the text.**__Underlined Bold__**
Underline Bold ItalicsUnderline+Bold+Italics – Three asterisk and two underscores (***__) on either side of the text.***__Underlined Bold Italics__***
Markdown Syntax for Bold, Italics and Underline

The Output as observed for all the above-mentioned syntax is as follows.

Output for all Syntax in the table

Besides the regular formatting, markdown provides other features such as inserting empty lines, code blocks, and spoiler tags.

Inserting Empty Lines

Like in most other text editors and messaging applications, to insert an empty line or shift to the next line without filling the first, Shift+Enter must be used.


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Code Blocks

Code block allows the user to highlight any specific given text or code. The syntax for code block is slightly different for single line and multiple line blocks.

The key used for code blocks is the grave accent (`) found on the key to the left of 1, in the top left corner of most keyboards.

For a single line, the grave accent has to be used only once on either side of the line, while for multiple lines, it has to be used thrice (“`) on either side of the text.

Syntax for single and multiple lines code block

Note here that for a single line code block, in the editing area itself, the block is seen, but for multiple line code block, the block is seen when the text is sent and not within the editing area.

Spoiler Tags

Inserting spoiler tags blackens out the text when sent to the user. To see the hidden text, the receiver must click on the black area, and the spoiler is revealed.

You can insert spoiler using the pipe character (|) — the key above the enter key on most keyboards. To hide any given text, the user needs to add two pipe characters on either side of the text.

Spoiler Tags

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