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Top 7 Discord themes

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Discord is a great VOIP program but isn’t very heavy on customisable UI elements. However, using a third-party add on called BetterDiscord, users can add themes and plugins to Discord.

In this article, we’re going over the top seven BetterDiscord themes you can download and set up right away. 

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Fallout 4 Terminal

If you like old school terminal UIs and are a Fallout 4 fan, this theme will put a smile on your face every time you launch Discord. The theme is built around the VaultTec terminals from the game and is a great option for those who like retro-styled interfaces. 

Top 7 Discord themes for personalisation | Candid.Technology
You can download the Fallout4 Terminal theme here

Opera GX Gaming

If you liked Opera’s latest gaming-oriented browser, you’d like this theme too. There’s a lot of neon going on here, and everything fits well with the part dark part neon background. 

You can download the Opera GX Gaming theme here

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Dark Matter

This is an excellent theme for dark theme fans. The theme gives Discord a transparent glass look with a cloudy background making white text pop up brightly. 

You can download the Dark Matter theme here


The theme is pretty similar to dark matter in terms of looks and the fact that it has a transparent background. However, there’s a splash of colour here, and the sunset background image gives a serene vibe. 

You can download the Translucence theme here

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If you’re looking for a bit of a drastic change to how your Discord looks, try this one out. The theme not only changes to a bold background, but it also changes the UI and the menus. It’s also consistent all across the program.

You can download the Duality theme here


Take a trip down memory lane to how software used to look back in the 2000s with this Discord theme that’ll completely overhaul the program to look like retro software from the past. 

You can download the SkeuoCord theme here

Frosted Glass

This theme will let you use any picture you want as a background image in Discord with adjustable blur and brightness. You must have the dark theme enabled in Discord to be able to use this theme.

You can download the Frosted Glass theme here

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