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How to transfer ownership on Discord?

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Ownership is a state of having exclusive rights and control over assets such as land, property or even objects. Ownership in Discord means having all rights and control over a given server. If you want to leave the Discord server, Discord gives you the option of transferring ownership rights to someone else, unless you want to delete the server..

Here we’ve discussed how you can transfer ownership on Discord through its website or apps, followed by a guide to transfer ownership of ownerless servers.

However, before you transfer server ownership on Discord, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • You can transfer server ownership in Discord using the PC version of the website or via Android, iOS and PC apps.
  • Each server can have up to a maximum of four owners.
  • To transfer ownership, you need to be the owner of the given server. Just having a few privileges or being a moderator, or having a permission-packed role in the server does not give you the authority to transfer the ownership to someone else.

If you don’t transfer the server ownership to someone else on Discord before leaving it, Discord turns that into an ‘ownerless’ servers, which is only available for a limited time before eventually getting deleted.

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How to transfer Discord ownership on PC via its website?

When a server is opened on a PC, the layout can be seen as follows.

How to transfer ownership on Discord? | Candid.Technology
Server layout

Step 1: Click on the server name box and then click on the Server Settings option from the list that appears.

Server settings option

Step 2: Select Members under User Management from the option on the side panel to the left. All the owners of the server have a crown in front of their name.

Members option of the server

Step 3: Hover over any specific name and click on the three-dots (Hamburger) menu option. On the pop-up box, select the Transfer Ownership option.

Hamburger icon menu

Step 4: On the confirmation prompt, click on the toggle button beside the acknowledgement and then select Transfer Ownership.

Green tick to transfer ownership

The ownership has now been transferred and you will be automatically redirected to the channel within the server.

You’ll see that the crown icon has shifted to the member to whom you’ve transferred the ownership. You’ll also note that the server name box drop-down menu has changed, and the Server Settings option won’t be visible anymore.

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How to transfer Discord ownership on mobile app?

Transferring Discord server ownership on its mobile app is similar to its PC counterpart.

  • Click on the server name box, followed by the hamburger menu icon. Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Select the Members option under the community management section.
  • Click on the hamburger icon beside the name of the member o whom you would like to transfer the ownership.
  • Then select the Transfer Ownership option.
  • On the confirmation pop-up box, check the acknowledgement box and tap on Transfer.

You will then be redirected to the general channel automatically.

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How to gain ownership of ownerless servers in Discord?

Servers cannot be created without an owner, unlike bots on Discord. Every server does have an owner at one point, unless the owner account is deleted before transferring ownership.

An ownerless server works well for a short period but without the right actions being taken on time, the server will eventually shut down.

Obviously, without an owner, new ownership cannot be claimed no matter the privileges of a member. In such a case, Discord Support comes into play to transfer ownership of ownerless Discord servers..

Step 1: Access the Discord Support page here. Select Help & Support from the dropdown menu on Submit a request page.

Help & Support option

Step 2: Then fill in the registered email ID, and select Server Ownership Transfer Request in the dropdown for Type of question?.

Type of question? – Server Ownership Transfer Request

Type your issue the the subject box related to transfer of ownership. Give a detailed description in the next text box explaining the entire issue; also include the previous server owner’s name if possible. Enter the accurate range of server members and upload any attachments to support your case.

Once you’re done with the above details, click on the Submit button.

Server count

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