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How to fix ‘Disney Plus not working’ error?

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Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there but isn’t exactly on par when it comes to ease of access. The platform is often riddled with bugs and errors that keep popping up every so often.

In this article, we’re going over a few fixes for you to try if you can’t access Disney Plus for whatever reason.

General fixes for the Disney Plus app

The Disney Plus app is more prone to errors than the website itself. Here are a few general fixes you can try if the app isn’t working as it should. 

  • Restart whatever device you’re using.
  • Completely close and re-open the app.
  • Check for internet issues and restart your router. 
  • Check for updates to the Disney Plus app. Install if they’re available. 
  • Check for updates to your TV, phone or whatever device you’re using.
  • You can also use sites such as DownDetector or UptimeRobot to check if the Disney Plus service itself is online or not. 

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Unable to connect error

If you’re getting an ‘unable to connect error when trying to access Disney Plus, chances are either something is wrong with your internet connection or the service is overloaded with users at the moment. It could also be caused because you opened the app too quickly while your TV couldn’t establish an internet connection.

Usually, the error resolves itself within a few minutes. If it doesn’t, check your internet connection and whether or not the Disney Plus service is online. 

Disney Plus app crashes

If the Disney Plus app on your device is repeatedly crashing, you should first try restarting your device. Otherwise, you can either look for and install any pending updates or reinstall the app completely. 

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Disney Plus error codes

Here are some of the most common error codes you’ll likely encounter while using the service, alongwith their causes and potential solutions. 

Error CodeCauseFix
Error 4Payment issuesCheck your payment information and make sure that the credit/debit cards linked to your account are valid.
Also ensure that the card isn’t from a region where Disney Plus isn’t offered.
Error 9Login/Payment issues.Check your credentials and/or payment and billing info.
Error 11Unavailable Content.Check content availability.
Disable VPN or check internet connection.
Error 13Too many devices using the same account. Sign out of some unused devices.
Remove unused downloads.
Change your password to avoid other people singing in without your knowledge.
Error 22Age related Content Restrictions. Sign out of Kids mode.
Check content availability.
Error 25Internal error.Refresh the web player or restart the app.
Sign out and in again.
Contact Disney Plus support.
Error 30 Device compatibility issue.Check device compatibility.
Sign out and in again.
Error 31Location issues.Reset location settings.
Enable location services.
Disable any VPN if active.
Error 32login/credentials issue.Sign out and in again.
Check payment/billing info.
Reset password.
Error 35Unavailable Content.Sign out of Kids mode.
Check content availability.
Reset location settings.
Error 36Unavailable Content.Sign out of Kids mode.
Check content availability.
Reset location settings.
Error 38Time settings. Check to ensure device time settings are correct and in sync with world clock times.
Error 39Unavailable content.
Often happens on the Xbox app.
Check content availability.
Reboot your Xbox.
Error 41Traffic overload on the server end.Try and access the content sometime later.
Error 76Server oveload.Try reinstalling the app.
Log out and back in again.
Reboot router/check internet connection.
Error 83Using mobile data to stream instead of WiFi.Switch to WiFi.
Error 86Account blocked.Reset location settings.
Disable VPN.
Contact customer support.
Error 87Login/credential issue.Check payment/billing info.
Log out and back in again.
Reset password.

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