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How to download Hotstar videos?

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Hotstar offers its VIP and Premium subscribers the option to download all of the 50,000+ hours of video content available on the platform, though it places certain restrictions on the feature such as the number of downloads saved at a time, which also expire after a certain period. A downloaded video will expire within seven days of the download or 48 hours after you’ve started watching it.

At the time of writing, Hotstar supports 5 video downloads for offline viewing per device. Since you can only stream content on a single device at a time on a subscription, this inadvertently means that a maximum of five videos can be downloaded on an individual subscription.

Trying to download another video after you already have five downloads will return Error 702. If you wish to download additional video content, you’ll need to delete one of the videos that were downloaded earlier on that device.

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How to download a video on Hotstar?

How to download Hotstar videos? Can they be saved to the SD card?Hotstar videos can only be downloaded on smartphones at the time of writing. When you open a TV show, click on the download icon below the thumbnails of the episodes you wish to download. You can also download an episode or a movie by opening it and tapping on the Download button that will be available in the portrait mode.

Hotstar gives you three options of ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ quality downloads. The following download sizes are of a 1 hour, 2 minutes long video.
  • High: 1.02 GB
  • Medium: 689 MB
  • Low: 154 MB

Your downloaded videos will be accessible via the home screen of the app as well as through the main menu of the app.

How to delete downloaded Hotstar video?

  • Open the Hotstar app and tap on the menu button located to the left of the Hotstar logo on the top of the app.
  • Now tap on Downloads
  • You’ll see a Pen-like icon on the top right of the display; tap on it.
  • Select the videos that you wish to delete and then tap on the icon on the top-right, which would now resemble a bin.

Can Hotstar videos be saved on SD cards?

Hotstar’s app settings don’t yet have an option to download videos to the device’s SD card, the videos are downloaded on your phone’s internal storage. But downloaded videos can only be accessed via the Hotstar app. You won’t be able to find them and copy them onto some other device through your storage. This is done to protect the copyright of content on Hotstar and avoid piracy.

All of Hotstar’s Premium content is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected, which means that it cannot be copied, transferred or modified in any form or way. DRM is the sole reason why Premium content doesn’t play on the incognito mode of browsers as according to the company, “This mode prevents Hotstar from streaming video in a secure environment”. So, if you’re having trouble streaming Hotstar content in incognito mode, switch to the regular mode.

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