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How to download Valorant? What is its download size?

Valorant is the latest FPS title coming from Riot Games, which became an instant hit since its launch in June 2020 and has amassed a large player base.

The game combines fast-paced tactical gameplay with characters called ‘Agents’ that each has its own unique perks and abilities. On top of this, the game is totally free to play.

So if you’ve also been thinking about joining the party, here’s the download size of Valorant and how you can download and install the game.

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What is Valorant’s download size?

First, you’ll need to download the installer that is approximately 65MB. Following that the game files will start downloading, which is approximately 12.2GB.

In addition, Valorant might install another 1.2GB of updates once you start the game, depending on the current patch.

Overall, the download size of Valorant is 13.5GB, which doesn’t include subsequent updates pushed out by Riot Games for bug fixes or patch note updates.

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How to download and install Valorant?

Downloading Valorant is actually quite straightforward. It’s available on Riot’s website. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Head over to the official Valorant website and click on the Play Free button. 

You can visit Valorant's official website here

Step 2: You’ll be asked if you have a Riot Games’ account. If you do, then click on Sign in and if you don’t make an account by clicking on Make one.

Since I already have an account, I’ll proceed with Sign in.

Step  3: You’ll be asked for your credentials. Go ahead and type in your password and/or username and login.

Step  4: You’ll now see a download page with a Download button. Click on it and the installer will start downloading. 

Step 5: Once the installer has downloaded. Double click it to run the file.

Step 6: You’ll see the Valorant installer open. Click on Install, and you’re good to go. You can also change installation options such as the installation drive and any other dependencies the game needs to run. 

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