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DuckDuckGo is finally making a desktop browser for Windows and Mac

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Known for its privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo is now working on a web browser that’ll protect its users’ entire web experience and keep them from being tracked.

The browser is expected to be a no-nonsense, simple and easy to use piece of software in which users don’t have to fiddle around with complicated settings, warnings or ‘levels’ of privacy protection, says CEO Gabriel Weinberg in a post on the company’s blog that goes over everything they’ve done this year. 

While there’s no news on when the browser will be available, DuckDuckGo is already running a closed beta test on macOS. When asked to release a Windows version on Twitter, Weinberg replied that they’re working on it, suggesting a test release shouldn’t be far away.

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Chrome killer?

The PC browser will operate the same way as their mobile browsing app and will come with a “fire” button that’ll immediately delete all your browsing history, stored data and tabs in one go. The browser will also be based on “OS-provided rendering engines” instead of forking Chromium.

According to Weinberg’s post, this helps the browser become more clutter-free and come with a clean and straightforward interface. Early tests have also suggested that it’s significantly faster than Chrome. 

DuckDuckGo is finally making a desktop browser for Windows and Mac
DuckDuckGo’s new browser will be secure and straightforward by default | Source: DuckDuckGo

All in all, the browser will offer ‘robust’ protection by default, without the user needing to deal with “complicated settings, no misleading warnings, no “levels” of privacy protection.” The protection will apply across search, browsing, email and just about anything else. 

In July this year, the company released an email protection service that claims to remove any trackers attached to your emails. Additionally, they also released an in-built tool for their mobile browser last month that prevents Android users from being tracked by the apps on their phones.

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