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ElephantDrive coupons and discount codes

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ElephantDrive is here to protect your memories and preserve them safely. They provide plenty of cloud storage space for reliable backups. You can buy their services and keep your family memories safely intact and locked. ElephantDrive recognises the grave threat our digital photos, videos, and documents face. A simple virus could take down your entire system, so you need a plan B or ElephantDrive.

ElephantDrive comes pre-attached on all NAS devices, also known as Network Attached Storage devices. This way, you can back up your data locally and on the cloud daily. ElephantDrive collaborates with various NAS partners to help deliver the optimum cloud storage experience to the user.

Here we’ve listed the currently active discount coupon codes for ElephantDrive that’ll help you get their services for $10/month. Check out the codes listed below and those in the table further down in the article to get the best possible deal for yourself.

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ElephantDrive discounts: Up to $10/month

ElephantDrive offers three types of plans for three basic types of humans: solo, business, and family. These plans are available on a monthly basis as well as on an annual with 16% in savings. Go through the table given below if you want to consider using ElephantDrive discounts:

ElephantDrive coupon descriptionElephantDrive discountsGet discount
Back up your files for only $10 per month. Get access to 1,000 GB of storage to keep your files safe and access them from anywhere.Get 1,000GB for only $10 per monthGet discount here
Try our Business plan free of charge for 30 days. Get access to 2,000 GB of storage and 20 sub-accountsTry Business with 30 days freeGet discount here
Try our Pro plan free of charge for 30 days. Get access to 1,000 GB of storage and 3 sub-accountsTry Pro with 30 days freeGet discount here
Download ElephantDrive and receive 2 GB of free storage2 GB of free storageGet discount here

ElephantDrive has a blog to help you process how important securing your data is and how to back it up, amongst other topics. They are ready to provide you with ransomware protection and achieve cybersecurity goals. They will automatically delete all affected files.

Get your ElephantDrive discounts here!

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