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How to embed Youtube videos in WordPress?

How to embed Youtube videos in Wordpress? | Candid.Technology

In this increasingly digital world, quality content and excellent presentation is the key to dominate your competitors. Adding videos to your web page is such a technique by which you can increase the web traffic on your page as well as increase the page viewing time.

So, in this WordPress how-to guide, we will explain how you can embed Youtube videos on WordPress to upgrade the look and feel of your blog or website.

How to embed Youtube videos in WordPress?

Adding Youtube videos in WordPress is quite easy. You do not need to download the video and then upload it on your blog or website. Simple copying of URL will do the trick.

Method 1

Follow the steps given below to embed Youtube videos in your WordPress blog or website.

Step 1: Open the video that you want to embed.

Step 2: Copy the video’s URL and paste it on your blog.

The video is now embedded, as you can notice from the screenshot.

There are a few points that you should note:

That’s it! You can now view the video after you have published the post.

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Method 2

This is an alternative method by which you can embed Youtube videos on WordPress and customise your share a bit too.

You can also set the starting time of the video that you will embed. Look at the screenshot above to get an idea.

Copying a Playlist

If you want to copy a playlist to your WordPress, the steps are the same as that of Youtube video embedding.

By following the above steps, you can easily embed Youtube videos on WordPress.

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How to embed Youtube video using embed code?

If you want to customise your embedded video even further, use the embed code.

Note: Using the embed option, you can add player controls as well as enable ‘privacy-enhanced mode’ with this method.

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