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How to equip emotes in Free Fire?

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Free Fire is by far one of the most popular PUBG mobile clones out there and with the latter being banned a few countries where it had a significant player base, Free Fire has skyrocketed in popularity. 

The game involves battle royale style matches where 50 players duke it out until the end, where the last player standing wins. The matches typically last around 10 minutes in length and are adequately paced.

Apart from the core gameplay, the game has a lot of character and weapon customisation built-in. While some of it, and often the more popular items are given away for free as rewards for completing certain objectives, the rare ones sell for diamonds, the in-game currency in Free Fire.

These items also include emotes. You start off the game without any but you can buy them at any time or the game often gives away a few as rewards. However, before using them, you’re going to have to equip them first. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can equip emotes in Free Fire.

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Equipping emotes in Free Fire

Equipping emotes in Free Fire is quite straightforward.

Step 1: Open up the game and tap on Collection.

How to equip emotes in Free Fire? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: You’ll see the Emote tab here which should be open by default. Here you can assign up to eight emotes to individual emote slots. 

How to equip emotes in Free Fire? | Candid.Technology

Step 3: Simply tap a slot to select it and then tap an emote to assign it to the slot.

How to equip emotes in Free Fire? | Candid.Technology

As aforementioned if you’re just starting out the game, you might not have any emotes. You can buy these emotes from the in-game Store for diamonds. The emotes are often given as rewards for events and competitions as well. 

How to equip emotes in Free Fire? | Candid.Technology

To use these emotes, simply tap on the smiley icon on your screen while in any game mode and the emote wheel will open showing all your equipped emotes. 

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