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How to fix error 400 on YouTube?

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Youtube is one of the most used video-sharing apps, allowing users to watch videos uploaded by other users and different channels for free. Youtube is a platform where you can find videos on most topics and things, obviously if they are legal.

Many users are facing error 400 on Youtube, the error 400 on Youtube is a network connection error. Error 400 on Youtube occurs with ‘There was a problem with the server’.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of error 400 on Youtube and six fixes to resolve the error 400 on Youtube.

What are the causes of error 400 on Youtube?

Here are six causes of error 400 on Youtube:

  • The Youtube server is down.
  • Poor Internet connection.
  • The date and time settings are not correct.
  • Using an outdated version of the app.
  • Storage problem.
  • Wrong DNS settings

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How to fix error 400 on Youtube?

Here are six fixes to resolve error 400 on Youtube:

Check the YouTube server status

The main cause of this error is the network problem, which can also occur when the Youtube server is down. So check the server status of Youtube, and if it is down, wait patiently till the server comes online.

Check your internet connection

It might be possible that the Youtube app is not getting a stable internet connection, which is why it is showing the error, so check your internet connection and try restarting your WIFI router.

Check the Date and Time settings of your mobile

Sometimes mobile phones stop syncing the date and time because of some technical reason, and that causes all the apps to stop working properly, so check your phone’s date and time are synced.

How to change the date and time on Android phones?

Go to the settings of your android phone and follow these steps to change the date and time on android phones:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the settings and tap System settings.
  • Under system settings, tap on the Date and time option.
  • In date and time settings, tap on the toggle button beside Use network-provided time to enable or disable auto date and time update.
  • Tap on the Date option to change the date and tap on the Time option to change the time.

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Update the app

You might be using an outdated version of the Youtube app, which can be a reason for the issue, so check for the app’s update.

Clear the Youtube app’s cache data

All apps need a sufficient amount of space to store the data, and if it does not get it, it will stop working properly and start to crash, so clear out the app’s cache memory and storage on your phone.

Click here to learn how to clear the cache of an Android device.

Change the DNS settings of your Android device

Sometimes wrong DNS settings can cause problems in the functioning of the apps, and many users have resolved this error by changing the DNS settings.

 Click here to know how to change the DNS settings on your Android device. 

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