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10 essential apps for every photographer

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Clicking pictures from a 23MP camera and still not satisfied with the outcome? What is the thing that makes your pictures not as appealing as those of professional photographers? Or want to learn how you can click amazing pictures from your mobile phone? You’ve come to the right place searching for answers.

Photographers have a difficult life. Clicking the pictures is a tough job, but do you know what’s even tougher? Editing them. Here we have made a list of 10 essential photography and photo editing apps, which every photographer must have on their device. Though you can click good pictures without them as well, these apps will surely reduce the burden of clicking a perfect picture every time.

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A Better Camera

10 essential Android and iOS apps for every photographerA Better Camera is an android application which packs up some amazing features that are generally not included in inbuilt mobile phone camera apps. It provides a range of shot-modes along with a unique feature — the ‘Best Shot Mode’. This mode stabilizes the output image, which is helpful in case you do not have a steady hand while clicking pictures.

You can download A Better Camera App for Android here.


Picnic is supported on Android as well as iOS devices. If you are fond of nature photography or love to have more liveliness in your pictures, then this app is for you. Picnic gives us the power to change the existing backgrounds or edit them in such a way that they become more appealing.

For example, one can change a normal clear blue sky to a dark cloudy sky just by a single tap. This app offers various filters that can change the background of the pictures to a night full of stars or a bright picnic day. This one is a must-try.

You can download Picnic for Android here and iOS here.

Camera FV-5 Lite

Camera FV-5 Lite is an android application that allows the users to use DSLR-like manual mode in their device’s camera. We can set the exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and many other properties according to our requirements. The paid version of this application provides some additional features but the Lite version is more than sufficient to fulfil a normal user’s requirements.

You can download Camera FV-5 Lite App for Android here.


Food photography is in trend nowadays. Foodie is an application supported on both Android as well as iOS devices. This app provides various filters which enhances the pictures to an entirely different level.

Alongwith this, the app provides an additional feature which is uncommon in photography apps — the calibration technique, in which the UI of the app changes colour when the camera is perfectly parallel to the ground and helps us click some amazing food pictures.

You can download Foodie for Android here and iOS here.

Camera MX

Camera MX is an Android application which houses several unique features. This is one of the few apps on the Google Play Store that can create GIFs. Additionally, this app has an inbuilt photo editor that comes in handy while clicking pictures and editing them in realtime. The UI is intuitive. If you are looking for a simple camera application for your phone, this one is for you.

You can download Camera MX App for Android here.

Adobe Lightroom

Moving on to photo editors, Adobe Lightroom is currently one of the best photo editor apps. It is available for both Android as well as iOS and provides some exceptionally good features. The UI and features are quite professional, so you might have to go through a tutorial before using this application.

You can download Lightroom for Android here and iOS here.


Snapseed is an exceptionally good application for photo editing. It is available for Android as well as iOS. This app provides features like correcting the perspective of the image along with some really good filters.

There is an ongoing debate going on whether Lightroom is better than Snapseed or not. Both of them have their unique features and both of them are equally good. The users need not worry about it, as they are already getting some really cool features free of cost.

You can download Snapseed for Android here and iOS here.


VSCO is a photo-editing application that is available for Android and iOS devices. It has a simple and minimal UI and has some fantastic features. It is famous for its cinema-like filters and is very easy to use.

You can download VSCO for Android here and iOS here.


PicsArt is an android photo editor application which is loaded with unique features like ‘Clone’.  Alongwith this, PicsArt also provides the collage-making feature and a collection of various backgrounds for our images.

You can download PicsArt for Android here.


One of the not so famous apps. Inshot is primarily a video editor app but it also provides some very good photo editing features. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is very simple and easy to use. In case you do not like to use bulky and professional-looking apps, this app is for you. It provides all the major features and is a must-try!

You can download InShot for Android here and iOS here.

Let us know which of these apps do you use often and if there are any other good ones that we missed, write out on in the comments down below.

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