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Every Asana Keyboard shortcut you need to know

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Asana is a virtual team communications and task management app that enables users to organise their work while working in a team remotely. It simplifies team-based work management and is available on both web and mobile devices.

This is an extensive list of Asana keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS. If you are looking for a specific keyboard shortcut, consider looking for it via the Ctrl + F browser shortcut to find a page. If you are using a mobile browser, click on the ‘triple-dot’ menu and tap on Find in page.

All Asana keyboard shortcuts are same for both Windows and macOS.

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Asana my tasks keyboard shortcuts

  • Mark a task as today in your My tasks: Tab + Y
  • Mark a task as Upcoming in your My tasks: Tab + U
  • Mark a task as Later in your My tasks: Tab + L

Asana Inbox keyboard shortcuts

  • Move up/Down: K or J
  • Jump to Inbox tab: H
  • Jump to Archive tab: S
  • Follow or Unfollow: F
  • Archive: I
  • Move to Inbox: U

Asana Task Actions keyboard shortcuts

  • New task: Enter button
  • Delete selected task: Tab + Backspace button
  • Delete current task: Backspace button
  • Complete selected task: Ctrl + Enter button (Windows) / Cmd + Enter button (macOS)
  • Move UP/Down: Ctrl + Up/Down arrow button (Windows) / Cmd + Up/Down arrow button.
  • Jump Up or Down to the next section: Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down arrow button (Windows) / Cmd+ Shift + Up/Down arrow button (macOS).
  • Copy selected task: Ctrl + C (Windows) / Cmd + C (macOS)
  • Paste tasks only one per line: Ctrl + V (Windows) / Cmd + V (macOS)
  • Assign to Me: Tab + M
  • Access Home: Tab + H
  • Create a section: Tab + N
  • Add to a project: Tab + P

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Asana Navigation keyboard shortcuts

  • Navigate to My Tasks: Tab + Z
  • Navigate to Inbox: Tab + I
  • Collapse sidebar: Tab + O
  • Comment on a task that you have selected: Tab + C
  • Assign a task that you have selected: Tab + A
  • Set a due date for a task: Tab + D
  • Add Follower to Asana: Tab + F
  • Add a tag: Tab + T
  • Focus on the subtasks: Tab + S
  • Search for a person, tag, project or task: Tab + /button

Asana Selection keyboard shortcuts

  • Change selection: Up/Down arrow button
  • Select range: Shift + Click
  • Multi-select individual task: Ctrl + Click (Windows) / Cmd + Click (macOS)

Asana Application keyboard shortcuts

  • Show keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + /button (Windows) / Cmd + /button (macOS)
  • Collapse the right pane: Esc button
  • Enter Focus Mode: Tab + X
  • Quick Add: Tab + Q
  • Post comment from comment field: Tab + Enter button
  • What it sounds like: Tab + B

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