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Facebook Gaming streamers can now play copyrighted music

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Facebook Gaming has struck a deal with big music labels including Sony, Warner and Universal, which will allow its partnered streamers to use their music during livestreams of games.

The copyrighted music from big label names will currently only be available to partnered creators of Facebook Gaming in over 90 countries and a wider rollout is expected soon, which will make the music available to Level Up creators.

Facebook Gaming has partnered with publishers, societies and music labels including BMG, Kobalt Music Group, Merlin, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group, among several others.

“Instead of suggesting you go to music law school to figure it all out, we want to make the whole process a lot easier so you can focus on being a great streamer, and not a rights specialist. That’s why we’re partnering with the music industry to open up a vast catalogue of popular music for Facebook Gaming Partners to play while live streaming games,” Facebook Gaming announced on Monday.

While music rights from big labels are coming to Facebook Gaming, only the top streamers will be able to take advantage of the feature as Level Up creators only have access to the platform’s royalty-free options.

However, streamers can only use the music while playing a game in their stream and not all tracks are covered under this deal between Facebook and the music industry giants. If a streamer ends up playing a restricted track, their stream video might be muted or blocked. Facebook will notify the streamers pointing to the part of their video that violates the music license and what actions they can take to resolve the issue.

“Our agreements cover your livestreamed videos, and the on-demand versions of those same livestreams. For clips, short clips (like the kind your viewers may make from your streams) are also covered. Long, edited videos that you might upload separately are not covered. You cannot use any music you like on those videos; we’d recommend Facebook Sound Collection instead.”

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