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What to do if your Facebook snooze button is missing?

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The snooze button on Facebook allows the user to mute a friend, group or page on Facebook temporarily. If you want mute someone’s post or are not interested in seeing the post of that particular friend, group or page but still don’t want to unfollow or unfriend them, then you can use the snooze feature, which will stop showing you the posts of the friend, group or page you have snoozed on your feed.

A few months back, Facebook tried something new with the snooze button. Many users complained about the missing snooze button; Facebook users talked about this event on Reddit threads. Some users were able to see the snooze button and use it, but for some users, the snooze button was no more available, some users found it under the Hide Post option, and for some users, there was no snooze button there too.

Facebook was trying to update the snooze button feature to a new location. After receiving so much negative feedback on the snooze button update, they switched it back to its original place.

In this article, we have discussed what you can do if the snooze button is missing and how to snooze people and pages on Facebook.

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What to do if the snooze button goes missing on Facebook?

If your snooze button goes missing, then probably because you have a poor internet connection or are using an outdated app version or have some minor bugs. Below we have explained a few ways to fix the issue:

Check the internet connection

Some features might not work because you are not getting a stable connection. Check your internet connection and restart your modem or router to reset the connection, which might help you get a stable connection by resolving any issues with the router.

Check for updates

If you are using the Facebook app and are unable to see the snooze button, then you may be using an outdated version of the app. Check for the update of Facebook and update it if available, then check the snooze button feature again.

Reinstall the Facebook app

Some files of the app might have gotten corrupted or missing for some reason, which might be the reason you cannot see the snooze button and other features on your Facebook app. Uninstall the Facebook app completely and then reinstall it.

Clear browser cache on PC

The corrupted cache memory of the browser and the app affects the proper functioning of the browser and the app too. Clear the cache memory of your browser if you use Facebook on PC and clear the cache of your app if you use it on your mobile app.

Click here to know how to clear the browser cache on your PC
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Restart your device

Restarting your device is the best solution for any problem and it also works most of the time in resolving the issues, if the errors are being caused by some minor bugs or glitches or interference by other apps on your device, then it might solve them.

How to snooze people and pages on Facebook?

If you want to know how to snooze people, groups and pages on Facebook then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Facebook and scroll to the post on your feed of the person, group or page you want to snooze. Click on the Triple horizontal dots button.

Step 2: In the drop-down menu, click on the Snooze (friend, group or page’s name) for 30 days option.

Step 3: If you change your mind and want to undo the snooze, then click Undo in the confirmation message on your feed.

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