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Facebook update limits post reach based on these 4 parameters

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Facebook has updated its Community Standards, which will now limit the post reach depending on the four new parameters that have been added to judge the content on the social network.

The company, while recognising the value of freedom of expression and dialogue, also understands the potential challenges of free speech.

“A commitment to expression is paramount, but we recognise the internet creates new and increased opportunities for abuse. For these reasons, when we limit expression, we do it in service of one or more of the following values,” the announcement reads.

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The Parameters

Facebook update limits post reach based on these 4 parametersFacebook informed that it could limit the post of the users if the posts violated any of the four parameters that have been added to the company’s guidelines.

  • Authenticity: The company can limit unauthentic content by the users. That includes misrepresenting your identity, among others.
  • Safety: Posts that are threatening to people, or the posts inciting violence are bound to be limited by the company. Furthermore, posts which tend to hamper the freedom of expression of others will be limited too.
  • Privacy: The users are free to choose the time and manner of sharing posts on Facebook.
  • Dignity: Posts degrading the dignity of others are likely to be limited.

The exceptions? 

Facebook will allow certain newsworthy contents as well as contents directly related to the public interest, to bypass their Community Guidelines. To ascertain whether a particular post is harmful or against the public interest, the company will make judgements based on the International Human Rights standards.

These comprehensive guidelines will apply to everyone and all types of contents.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it would remove the background location settings from its app on phones running the latest Android 10 to avoid clashes with the OS’ location settings. Last week, Facebook rolled out its Dating service in 20 countries worldwide, which will also be coming to Europe in early 2020. The company has recently changed its policies for the advertisers in the wake of US presidential elections that will take place in 2020.

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