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Fix: Field browser doesn’t contain a valid alias configuration

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Web development isn’t just writing HTML, CSS and PHP code these days, thanks to new development stacks and frameworks like React and Next, the websites you can make have gotten a lot faster and more advanced; however, that also means that the development process has gotten a lot more complicated as well. 

In this article, we’re diagnosing the “field browser doesn’t contain a valid alias configuration” error with webpack.

Check your import paths

The first thing you should do is check your webpack configuration and locate the following line.

import DoISuportIt from 'components/DoISuportIt';

Change this to

import DoISuportIt from './components/DoISuportIt';

Now reload NPM and try again.

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Check the entry value

A similar problem compared to the last solution can also happen in your entry value. To check if the right path is set there, open your configuration file, and locate the entry value. If a ./ character is missing, add it and try again.

Additionally, ensure that the resolve value is included. This solution often works fine for React projects.

Check your aliases

Next up, check the aliases in your configuration file to see if they’re not using any names that are already taken. Users have reported seeing this error if they used redux as an alias, but it was resolved after changing it to something else.

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Check for typos in your configuration

Another possible issue can be a typing error or mistake in your webpack.config.js file. Scan the entire file for any such mistakes, primarily when related to commands. 

Often, using export instead of exports can also cause the error. The error can also show up if you don’t have an export command at the end of the file. If you don’t have one, add the following line to the end of your configuration file.

export default Config;

Don’t forget to experiment with the exports command instead of export if the solution doesn’t work for you. 

Check your case

Another potential issue with the configuration file is the case that you’re using. Open your file and locate the following line.


Change this to the following.


Now reload NPM and try again. Keep in mind that this is just one instance of the issue and might not work for everyone, so be sure to check the casing on file paths as well. 

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Yadullah Abidi

Yadullah Abidi

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