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FIFA 19 Released: Price, Availability, PC Specs

FIFA 19 Released: Price, Availability, Compatibility

The highly anticipated EA Sports FIFA 19 has been released on September 28, 2018, and here is how much it will cost, which consoles will support the game and PC requirements to run the game.

How much will FIFA 19 cost?

FIFA 19 costs differ depending on the platform. On Origin for PC the Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 (INR 5499), Champions Edition costs $79.99 (INR 4799) and the Standard Edition costs $59.99 (INR 3499).

On the PlayStation store, FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 (INR 5499), Champions Edition costs $79.99 (INR 4499) and the Standard Edition costs $59.99 (INR 3375).

For Xbox on Microsoft store FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 (INR 5500; INR 4950 if you have EA Access), Champions Edition costs $79.99 (INR 4800; INR 4320 with EA Access) and Standard Edition costs $59.99 (INR 3500; INR 3150 with EA Access).

For Nintendo Switch, FIFA 19 Champions Edition costs $79.99 and the Standard Edition costs $59.99. The Nintendo Switch players don’t have the option of the Ultimate Edition.

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Which consoles will run FIFA 19?

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC will support the new edition of FIFA, though few of the features will be unavailable on Nintendo Switch.

PC requirements for FIFA 19



Minimum Specs for PC

Recommended Specs for PC

Check out all the new features including the FIFA 19 Journey mode update, Active touch system, Dynamic tactics, 50/50 battles and more here.

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