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Google expands Find My Device to Android devices globally

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Google is launching its Find My Device network globally, beginning with the rollout in the United States and Canada. This feature helps users easily find their Android devices.

The feature will be activated by default and set to ‘With network in high-traffic areas only.’ However, users can change the setting to ‘Without network’ or ‘With the network in all areas.’

Find My Device network is compatible with Android 9 or later devices. However, to use the Find My Device app, you only need Android 6.

The network uses multi-layered protections, including end-to-end encryption of location data and aggregated device location reporting.

One of the primary advantages of Find My Device is that users can locate compatible Android phones and tablets even when offline. This can be done by bringing the device or checking its location on a map within the app. Notably, Pixel 8 and 8 Pro owners will have additional features that enable device location even when the device is powered off or has a dead battery.

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Starting in May, Google will also add Bluetooth tracker tag support from prominent brands to the Find My Device app. These tags are designed specifically for the Find My Device network, offering cross-platform compatibility and enhanced tracking security for items like keys, wallets, and luggage.

“With a new, crowdsourced network of over a billion Android devices, Find My Device can help you find your misplaced Android devices and everyday items quickly and securely,” said Erik Kay, VP of Engineering at Google.

The company has also added a Find Nearby feature similar to the AirTags. This feature is proximity-based and can assist users in locating misplaced devices or items when they are nearby. This feature will work more efficiently in conjunction with Bluetooth tags.

Furthermore, Google has also integrated the Find My Device app with Nest devices so that users can easily find their devices in familiar surroundings. Moreover, the app lets users share important accessories such as keys, remotes, or luggage with friends and family.

Brand embracing Find My Device technology

Source: Google

Several prominent brands are stepping forward to integrate the Find My Device technology into their products.

Brands like Chipolo and Pebblebee, specialising in Bluetooth trackers, will introduce tracker tags compatible with the Find My Device network. Furthermore, brands like eufy, Jio, Pixel Buds and Motorola, among others, are set to join Find My Device, expanding the range of compatible devices and enhancing tracking compatibility across Android and iOS platforms.

Additionally, Android users can look forward to software updates for headphones from JBL, Sony, and other popular brands integrating these devices with Find My Device.

How the Find My Device feature could be helpful for you?

Here are some useful things that you could do with the Find My Device network:

  • You can attach trackers to your travel bags, key chains, and devices to locate them.
  • You can add friends and family to share items.
  • With Nest integration, you can track items you easily forget in your homes.
  • With proximity-based assistance, you can easily locate lost items from a distance.
  • Finally, you can locate offline devices.

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