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6 tips and tricks to help you fool face recognition systems

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The seventh-largest country of the world India is working on the world’s most extensive face recognition system that will cover more than 10 million photos. It is pretty challenging to avoid facial recognition; however, various researches for the past few years have been are looking for different new and innovative solutions to fool the tech.

Since researchers are already working upon this, it could be a deterrent to the countries that are planning to use facial recognition for public security, among other things. With the new headway, facial recognition has become highly accurate. However, it does not mean that it is impossible to fool. Below we’ve mentioned six methods of fooling face recognition system.

Hiding your Face

It is difficult for today’s technologies to identify partially hidden faces. And if you go around completely hiding your face, then there isn’t much a computer can do. If you wear a full face mask or if you use the 3D printed human mask, you can surely hide from cameras.

Well, this was pretty basic, let’s move onto a few more tricky steps.

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Showing too many faces

The system can be tricked if you wear something which has too many faces printed on it. Entrepreneurs of Hyperface project have designed clothes as well as accessories which has many faces printed on them.6 tips and tricks to help you fool face recognition systems Wearing something like the prototype from Hyperface will make it challenging for the system to identify the real face.

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Tweaking your photos even before the database is launched

The database can be fooled by subtly changing elements of pictures. A computer engineer student, Joey Bose has made an app called Face Shield through which we can modify some aspects of the photograph before it is published on the internet.

However, it should be kept in mind that this will only work for those who haven’t uploaded their phots on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Many facial recognition systems consider social media platforms to be the most reliable source for database information.

Confusing facial recognition by throwing extra infrared lights

Most facial recognition systems use infrared imaging to collect your facial features. Hence it becomes possible to fool the tech by throwing additional infrared rays on the face which is visible to the naked eye. In 2018 some researchers embedded some infrared LEDs in a baseball cap. This will confuse the computer and interpreted the face unidentifiable in most of the cases.

High-tech glasses

Reflectables Phantom glasses to help you fool face recognition systems | Source: Reflectables

It is pretty much evident that the regular glasses cannot help you avoid facial recognition. A professor from Japan Isao Echizen has discovered a privacy visor which reflects light when tilted a little. A Chicago based company, Reflectables also have created glasses that block out infrared light.


A company called CV Dazzle is working to fool facial recognition through a combination of hairstyles and heavy makeup. Juggalos is another style of makeup in which you have to paint your chin which aims at fooling facial recognition by displacing the location of your jaw.

Juggalo makeup disguises the mouth and covers the chin, totally redefining a person’s key features. The black-on-white face paint tricks most facial recognition into incorrectly reading your jawline and, likely, eye area.

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