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Top 7 Football shows on Netflix

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Netflix has a huge variety and range of football shows to offer ranging from impactful documentaries related to the sport to impressive drama shows. The shows aim to tell the story of football through a closer lens, especially at what goes behind the scenes and to create awareness about the sport.

Here is our list of the top seven must-watch football shows on Netflix that’ll allow you to experience football on your screen and learn a bit more about the sport and the players competing at the highest tier of the sport.

First Team: Juventus (2018)

The documentary series about the renowned football club Juventus allows the viewers to follow the club players during and after the game in the stands and on the field as they look forward to winning the seventh Italian title and the Champions League. It also captures the highlights from 2017-18, celebrations of 120 years of the Juventus F.C.

Click here to watch First Team: Juventus

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Becoming Champions (2018)

The series intends to help football fans gain more insight into the game and players. The episodes highlight the backstories of the athletes and the clubs that have won and have achieved the status of the World Cup Champions and all the work that went behind reaching the pinnacle of the sport.

Click here to watch Becoming Champions

Sunderland ‘Til I Die (2018-20)

The sports documentary series revolves around the events of the English football club Sunderland AFC playing in 2017-18 EFL Championship after getting relegated from the Premier League and facing prospect of another relegation. The show covers the highs and the lows of the players and the club’s management and also includes fan commentary about the entire situation and how that has affected the city of Sunderland.

Click here to watch Sunderland 'Til I Die

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The English Game (2020)

This Netflix original series is set back in 1879, England when football was still developing and was considered to be a game for the elite — as was any other. The show follows the journey of two footballers who belong to different classes of society, and how the sport helps bridge the divide while navigating professional and personal turmoil to revolutionise the game and traditions overall among the Englishmen for life.

Click here to watch The English Game

Club De Cuervos (2015)

A Mexican comedy-drama streaming on Netflix, Club de Cuervos is a fictionalised account of Cuervos FC in Nuevo Toledo, Mexico, which has recently lost its owner and is struggling under the guidance of the two heirs who continue to battle each other. The brother-sister rivalry in leading their team and facing the expectations of the fans is more comic than dramatic most of the time. Anyone looking for some fictional fun football content can check this out.

Click here to watch Club De Cuervos

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Apache: The life of Carlos Tevez (2019)

The series follows the life of Carlos Tevez as he starts his journey towards becoming a famous footballer while facing the harsh conditions of Fuerte Apache in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tevez’s journey is filled with trouble, yet the star striker continues to chase his dream of playing for Boca Juniors, followed by international triumphs with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus. The series aims to show Carlos Tevez’s struggles as he climbs up the ladder in the footballing world while carrying a scar from childhood to remind him of his roots.

Click here to watch Apache: The life of Carlos Tevez

21 Thunder (2017)

A popular Canadian television drama series that follows the star players of an Under-21 academy for the fictional Montreal Thunder Soccer team in Montreal, Quebec. The show follows the life of the coach and young players as they deal with the pressure of achieving their team’s dreams while also balancing their personal lives — a rollercoaster of emotions and a dramatic journey.

Click here to watch 21 Thunder

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