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Top 7 free boxing streaming sites

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Boxing, a beloved sport with a massive following worldwide, has always been a fan favourite. Yet, accessing the best boxing matches online can be a real struggle since many are pay-per-view or restricted to specific regions. The challenging part is where multiple sanctioning bodies control viewing rights, making it hard to find a one-stop platform for all matches. That’s where free boxing streaming sites come into play.

Looking for free boxing streaming sites? This article listed the top seven free boxing streaming sites to help you enjoy your favourite sport.


Key Features:

  • Impressive selection of live fights with highlights.
  • Keeps you updated on the latest in the boxing world.
  • Tracks championships and fighter rankings.
  • Offers information on upcoming boxing matches and past match results.

This free boxing live-streaming platform is well-known for its impressive collection of live tournaments, past bouts, and various match choices. Additionally, the website provides the latest boxing news, upcoming event schedules, and highlights from previous fights.

Furthermore, there’s a dedicated section where viewers can explore and classify live boxer rankings worldwide, organised by weight categories. The platform generates revenue through advertisements, but users can enhance their viewing experience and maintain their privacy using a VPN equipped with an ad blocker.

Access Box.Live here

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Key Features:

  • This platform offers multiple viewing options for matches.
  • It quickly displays active links for your convenience.
  • The streaming speed automatically adjusts to match your internet connection speed.
  • It seamlessly connects with a secure VPN for added privacy and security.

This website is designed specifically for streaming sports events, including boxing. Its layout is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate, making it easier to locate the stream you want. However, one drawback of SportSurge is its occasional unreliability, as it may experience downtime, temporarily preventing users from watching. Despite this, the site offers access to free, dependable streams in both HD and standard resolutions.

Access SportSurge here


Key Features:

  • Player statistics and in-depth match details are available.
  • The homepage prominently displays a list of all ongoing live matches for easy access.
  • You can find quick summaries of previous games readily accessible on the platform.

This free platform for streaming boxing is a fantastic option for sports enthusiasts. It offers a comprehensive website for various sports, including rugby, boxing, MMA, NFL, soccer, and basketball. Additionally, it provides access to other streams on a case-by-case basis.

You’ll find schedules for the most eagerly awaited events, allowing you to plan your viewing experience. It’s important to note that, unlike some other streaming platforms, this one may display ads, which can lead to a brief waiting period after you click play before the streaming begins and also sometimes leads to malicious ads.

Access BuffStream here

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Key Features:

  • It provides concise information about upcoming broadcasts, previews, and a discussion forum.
  • The site categorises different sports and tournaments for easy navigation.
  • Detailed descriptions of players and matches are available.
  • You can receive real-time scores and updates through notifications and alerts.

LiveTV is a well-established Russian website that offers free access to live boxing events for its audience. With almost 14 years of experience, it has gained a reputation for reliability. However, its primary focus is on soccer events, and it doesn’t have an extensive selection of boxing content. Nevertheless, when significant boxing matches take place, LiveTV may include them in its lineup, so it’s worth visiting the site to check for updates.

Access LiveTV here


Key Features:

  • The platform provides active links for all matches a day in advance.
  • It’s accessible on both computers and mobile devices using web browsers.
  • Besides sports, the website also offers news, music, and regular entertainment channels.
  • Special broadcasts are available for significant tournaments and matches, enhancing the viewing experience.

Crackstreams stands out as a prominent option for streaming free boxing matches. However, compared to the previously mentioned website, this platform is a bit less user-friendly. It offers a more extensive range of categories, which might seem a bit overwhelming, and the website’s design can be a bit confusing for users.

Moreover, it requires users to sign up to access the content, which isn’t the preferred choice for most people. While there are some boxing matches available on the site, boxing isn’t its primary focus. You can also find a diverse selection of soccer, NCAAF, MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and MMA matchups.

Access CrackStreams here

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Key Features:

  • StreamEast has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use.
  • It covers all the big boxing events, including regular broadcasts and pay-per-view fights.
  • You can watch in high-definition with dependable and smooth streams.
  • StreamEast is focused on live boxing matches, so you can watch them as they happen.

StreamEast offers an appealing design and user-friendly interface, ensuring a pleasant initial experience for visitors. Additionally, the site maintains a minimal presence of intrusive ads, which can be further reduced with a robust ad blocker. However, it’s important to note that StreamEast operates as an unlicensed streaming platform.

It’s worth mentioning that StreamEast relies on external streams and links. As a result, the legitimacy and security of these streams cannot be verified. For those seeking free boxing streams, using a VPN is a common practice to enhance online security and limit data exposure when accessing content from unfamiliar websites.

Access StreamEast here


Key Features:

  • A wide selection of live TV channels covering various genres.
  • A detailed schedule of upcoming sports events, including boxing matches.
  • An extensive collection of channels from the EU, US, and Latin America.

For those looking for a web-based solution, DaddyLiveHD became a popular choice. It’s not exactly the absolute best live TV site out there. It tends to have more ads than USTVGO did, and the streams can sometimes lag. However, people still flocked to it, mainly because it offers a wide selection of over 310 channels from Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

DaddyLiveHD covers most channels that boxing fans might be interested in, including ESPN and Fox Sports. What’s more, DaddyLive provides a detailed schedule of all the upcoming events and even advertises pay-per-view main events. Streamers might stumble upon high-profile bouts that aren’t typically available on regular cable TV.

Access DaddyLiveHD here

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