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Free Fire rank list explained

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Free Fire is an up and coming mobile battle royale game that has emerged as one of the most fierce competitors to PUBG Mobile. The game has a pretty good competitive side as well, as evident by its deep-rooted ranking system.

In this article, we’re talking about Free Fire ranks and what makes players eventually climb up the ranks.

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Watch your Ranking Points (RP)

Each ranked match or game you play in Free Fire is awarded by RP or Ranking Points. The more of these points you have, the higher your rank and the tougher your competition. 

Currently, there are seven rank tiers in Free Fire as follows.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Heroic
  • Grand Master

The Grand Master Tier is reserved for the top 300 players in each region to increase competitiveness and activeness in higher ranks. The tier updates daily. 

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How many ranks are there in Free Fire?

Aforementioned, Ranking Points are the metric using which the game calculates a player’s rank. How much RP you receive in a match depends on your kills, how long you survive, your overall standing in a match and other relevant statistics.

Players with consistent wins and more kills can rank up rather quickly. However, ranking up becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through individual ranks through each tier. 

Another thing you should keep in mind that ranks are reset at the end of every season.

  • Bronze and Silver players are reset to Bronze I or II.
  • Gold and Platinum players are reset to Silver I or II.
  • Diamond, Heroic and Grand Master players are reset to Gold I or II.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the Free Fire ranking system to help you get an idea of how many ranking points it takes to get to the next rank.

Free Fire RankRanking Points
1.Bronze 11000
2.Bronze 21050
3.Bronze 31150
4.Silver 11250
5.Silver 21350
6.Silver 31450
7.Gold 11550
8.Gold 21663
9.Gold 31788
10.Gold 41913
11.Platinum 12038
12.Platinum 22163
13.Platinum 32288
14.Platinum 42413
15.Diamond 12538
16.Diamond 22675
17.Diamond 32825
18.Diamond 42975
20.Grand MasterTop 300 in the region

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