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Top 5 free music streaming apps for Android

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The Internet has possibly changed the entire music industry for good. Instead of buying vinyl’s and CDs, anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone can stream music now for free.

Music streaming apps currently in the market are flooded with every genre of music. You can get curated playlists, global charts and top music charts with just a tap and discover new and exciting music on these popular online music streaming services.

There are many such apps available in the Google Play Store. Most of them perform similarly, but every app has something to boast.

In this article, you can have a look at the features of all these apps and choose which music app is the best for you. Here are five apps for streaming music online for free on Android.

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Top 5 free music streaming apps for Android

Saavn is the most popular free music streaming app in India. It comes with great features which is why it has become so famous. You can make your playlists in this app, connect with your friends through contacts or social media linking and can also access their playlists.

This app lets you choose the speed of your streaming; you can also listen to a radio station of your favourite artist.

However, the app plays ads at regular time intervals while listening to music. You can purchase Saavn Pro to get rid of these ads and access offline music by downloading it.

Download Saavn here


Gaana is another music streaming app that is very popular in this country for its free services. Being very similar to Saavn, Gaana offers a very simplistic UI and is much easier to use. With a heavily stocked library, they offer an extensive collection of Indie and Regional music.

You could get access to Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Rajasthani, Assamese, English, and other regional music.

If you upgrade to the paid streaming music service, you can download the songs for playing later even in absence of an internet connection. Like Saavn, they also have artist radios.

Download Gaana here

Wynk Music

Airtel, the telecom giant, rolled out their music app in 2015 which was exclusive at first. Whether you like Hollywood or Bollywood, Wynk Music has a collection of over 2 million Indian and international songs. It is advertisement free and has a specially curated music library that is based on different moods and genre.

Airtel users get exclusive benefits from this app like the Wynk Plus subscription, which costs INR 129 per month. The paid version of the app allows users to experience streaming and downloading unlimited songs even over a 3G/4G network, without incurring data charges. It offers a multi-lingual UI — English and Hindi.

Download Wynk Music here


This app is known to be one of the best free music streaming services on the entire planet. Mainly created for independent artists, they have the largest collection of international music.

People worldwide rely on SoundCloud to upload their music so that it can reach the masses. They have an easy-to-use UI that also includes following other artists or friends and get regular updates from them.

It is a one-stop destination for accessing all genre of English music content from emerging and well-established artists. They use machine learning algorithms to fine-tune suggestions and artist radios.

Download SoundCloud here

Coke Studio

This app is made for a specific set of Indian audiophiles. Coke Studio has the most breathtaking collection of live Indian music, and you can also access great exclusive content.

Users can stream, download songs, create playlists and check your favourite artist’s profile. It also keeps one updated on the new upcoming episodes of Coke Studio.

Download Coke Studio here

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