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7 cool gadgets to assist your PowerPoint presentations

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All of us at some point in time have had to present a presentation to an audience. Whether you are a business tycoon, a regular office employee or even a college student, these PowerPoint presentations somehow slip into our lives.

However, giving a presentation has one mammoth task that you have to coordinate with your speaking. That is, syncing in slides with your script. If Powerpoint presentations are something that keeps popping up in your schedule every other day, this article is for you.

Genius Ring Mouse

7 cool gadgets to assist your PowerPoint presentations

As the name suggests, its a mouse you can wear on your ring.

An elementary device by nature, the ring mouse fits on your finger rather like an oversized ring. The ring features a touchpad and a button which you can use to coordinate your presentations.

The Genius has several models, each offering a bunch of features. For simple presentations, we’d suggest the simplest variant – the ring mouse. Other more advanced models even include laser pointers

All in all, a tiny and unobtrusive gadget that’ll leave your audience in awe of your amazing presenting skills (and tech).

You can get the Genius Ring Mouse here

Myo Gesture Band

The Myo Gesture band has been around for some time now and has gotten better over time with newer versions and updates.

The Myo band can sense gestures. You can then map these gestures to navigate between slides, zoom in or out or even to create pointers.

The band requires some calibration and set up to work. There’s also what you’d call a ‘learning curve’ to using the band. But once you get used to it, you can do any gesture to zoom through your presentation.

The major drawback with Myo is its size. It wouldn’t bother you much after some time, and you can always tuck it away under your blazer or shirt, but it’s still a pretty obvious gadget.

You can get the Myo Gesture band here

Lumobody Anti-slouch

Nothing conveys authority and ingenuity as good posture. When you’re presenting, not only your presentation and script but also your body language plays a role.

Presenting before you, the Lumobody anti-slouch.

The small gadget attaches to your upper clothing (shirts etc.), essentially your upper chest via magnets and provides feedback in the form of tiny vibrations every time you adopt poor posture.

The gadget is quite accurate in helping people maintain good posture and reading it as well. With this on board, you won’t be giving those ‘slouchy’ presentations anymore.

You can get the LumoBody Anti-Slouch here

Denon Kudo

The Kudo a wireless presentation hub is essentially a tabletop device designed to remove the hassles and frustrations of setting up and changing presenters.

Setting up the device is pretty straightforward. Just connect it to a projector via HDMI, and then, you can easily mirror your computer or phone’s screen via a WiFi connection.

Kudo eliminates not only the awkward ‘setting up’ phase of every presentation, but also helps keep wires in check in your conference room.

You can get the Denon Kudo here

Smart Kapp

Your old-school whiteboard just got some serious upgrades.

Smart Kapp is a smart whiteboard. You can write on the board using any marker, and everything that you write on the board will automatically sync to the corresponding app. This eliminates any note taking or jotting down as anyone with the app with already have whatever it is you’re writing on the board.

The whiteboard is primarily helpful in explanatory meetings and situations where a lot of jotting down is required. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to have a cool smart-whiteboard in your conference room does it?

You can get the Smart Kapp whiteboard here

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t your everyday tablet.

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is a complete presentation package. The Android-powered tablet features a built-in rotatable projector that can put up a screen up to 70 inches wide. The tablet also features a kickstand to prop, tilt or even hang it

Apart from being a pocket projector, the tablet does everything else a regular tablet does. It runs Android, and hence from designing to the presentation, everything can be done on this one device.

You can get the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro here

Ricoh Theta S

The Theta S handheld camera by Ricoh is here to overcome the awkwardness of remote presentations.

The Theta S captures 360-degree spherical images and can give any viewer the sense of being in the same meeting. The utility of this camera is not only limited to the conference room as well. You can also use it to record HD spherical videos to share on Google Maps or your social media.

You can get the Ricoh Theta S here

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