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Top 7 Gaming Massage Chairs

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A good gaming chair is an essential part of any gamer’s setup. Gaming for long hours on end does require being seated in the same position for quite some time, and a good gaming chair can make or break your back quite literally. 

However, some chairs go the extra mile to include additional features or, in this case, a back massager. Here are the top seven gaming chairs with back massagers that you can buy right now. 

X-Volsport Massage Gaming Chair

Brand: X-Volsport | Price: $159.99

For the price, this chair does offer a lot of features. You get a headrest, adjustable armrests, a footrest and finally, a massager in the lumbar support that works on USB power. You can hook up a power bank to the thing and have it give you some comfort on demand.

Top 7 Gaming Massage Chairs
You can get the X-Volsport Massage gaming chair here. 

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Ferghana Gaming Chair

Brand: Ferghana | Price: $148.99

Not only this chair boasts an adjustable armrest, footrest, pretty decent lumbar support and a back massager, it also comes in a host of colours and variants you can choose from if you decide you don’t want a specific feature. While the stand itself might not be the most modern thing around, the chair is still a pretty good bang for the buck. 

You can get the Ferghana gaming chair here.

GTPlayer Gaming Chair

Brand: GTPlayer | Price: $139.00

This is one of the cheapest and the classiest looking chairs on this list. You retain the footrest, the very heavy lumbar support, and the USB powered back massager, but you lose on adjustable armrests for aesthetic looks. Regardless, it’s a pretty good deal, all things considered. There’s even a variant of the chair starting at $99.99

You can get the GTPlayer Gaming Chair here

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Healgen Gaming Chair

Brand: Healgen | Price: $109.97

This chair departs the gamer aesthetic for sort of a merge between office and gamer chair looks. It looks unique, but you do lose the adjustable armrests. The footrest is still here, and since this is different from the usual gamer chair aesthetic, you get a ton of back support.

You can get the Healgen Gaming Chair here

Shimo Gaming Chair

Brand: Shimo | Price: $169.99

If you’re looking for something that you can spot from a mile away, your search stops here. The chair has a unique pink colour to it while getting a fairly large headrest and a pretty big lumbar pillow with a built-in USB powered massager. You also get the footrest but no adjustable armrests. Oh, and there’s a mat for the chair to sit on too. 

You can get the Shimo Gaming Chair here

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Oristus Massage Gaming Chair

Brand: Oristus | Price: $172.99

Available in a bunch of colours and designs, this chair from Oristus embraces the complete gaming chair stereotype. You get a racing seat style back, a small neck support pillow, a decent lumbar support pillow with a USB massager built-in and adjustable armrests along with a retractable footrest—a pretty good investment. 

You can get the Oristus Massage Gaming Chair here.

Blue Whale High Back Gaming Chair

Brand: Blue Whale | Price: $129.99

The company indeed was true to its name when designing this chair. There’s a giant backrest with a pretty big neck and lumbar support pillow, which of course, has a massager built-in. You get adjustable armrests and a retractable footrest as well.

You can get the Blue Whale High Back Gaming Chair here

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