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Does buying a Gaming Mousepad make sense?

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If you search for a gaming mousepad on Amazon, you’ll come across thousands of gaming-oriented mousepads in all price ranges. They come in all shapes and sizes; some might be way more expensive than your mouse.

So what makes a gaming mousepad so special? What makes it so costly, and most importantly, do they make a difference?

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Gaming mousepad vs regular: What’s different?

Gaming mousepad is no different than regular mousepads in the conventional sense. They’re just pieces of cloth you run your mouse on; however, things change if you take a more in-depth look.

First up, gaming mousepads are generally a lot bigger than normal mousepads. You need all the space you can get when you’re running your hand across at a low DPI, trying to get that perfect headshot.

Gaming mousepad vs Regular: Should you buy a Gaming mousepad
My DragonWar GP001 mousepad as compared to a standard mousepad I got as a gift. Notice the size difference

Secondly, gaming mousepads offer a smoother, more precise tracking surface than normal mousepads. Now while how well the mouse performs is primarily dependent on how good the sensor is, having an ideal tracking surface always helps.

Most gaming mousepads are built with comfort in mind and, consequently, are pretty thick. When you’re using a regular mousepad, you’ll feel slight pain on the bottom of your palm after some time. On a gaming mousepad, that will happen after quite some time. The extra padding provided by these mousepads helps when you’re crunching that long session.

Notice the difference in thickness

These mousepads can be so comfortable that sometimes people use them as an alternative for a wrist rest. Remember how I said these gamepads could be big? They come in sizes that are big enough to fit your keyboard and mouse on the same pad.

This gives the setup an immaculate look and provides the user with a soft wrist rest to put their hands on while typing and overall convenience.

Then there’s RGB. Nothing like having a dope RGB under glow on your giant mousepad all across your keyboard and mouse, right?

However, all that goodness comes at a price. Gaming mousepads tend to be way more expensive than their regular counterparts. One must note there, though, that their features are more than just performance benefits. These are long-term benefits that help you have a better experience overall.

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Should you buy a gaming mousepad?

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before buying the most expensive mat you can find.

Number one, find a mousepad that matches your setup. This includes checking everything from how much space your desk has to where you place your mouse.

Remember, a gaming mousepad doesn’t make you a better gamer; it will enhance your gaming experience and add some extra bells and whistles.

Sometimes, they also come bundled with a gaming mouse, and that’s a great deal to get. If you’re buying one separately, ensure it checks all the marks.

If budget is your prime concern, go with any regular mousepad. If your mouse is good enough, it’ll work just fine. However, upgrading to a gaming mousepad whenever possible is recommended because comfort never hurts anyone.

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